Broken Nose First Aid Treatment

A broken nose can occur during play, sports, accidents, battles, and falls. But if your nose is broken, it may be difficult to say. Swelling, even if it’s not broken, can make your nose look crooked. It’s simpler to say if your nose is really crooked and potentially broken when the swelling goes down after a couple of days.

A broken nose, also known as a nasal fracture, is a break or divided in a nose bone— generally the bone above your nasal area’s bridge.

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Contact athletics, physical struggles, falls, and motor vehicle accidents that cause facial trauma are common explanations for a broken nose. A fractured nose can cause pain in your nose and under your eyes, along with a lump and bruising. Your nose may look crooked, and deep breathing problems may occur.

A damaged nose treatment may include techniques for realigning your nose region. Surgery for a fractured nostril is not generally vital.

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While a fractured nasal region feels uncomfortable, the wounds will heal automatically in most instances. A fractured nose can be cared for at home as long as the skin and wall membrane between the nostrils (septum) is intact, rather than seeking medical help. If you are worried about an accident, always seek medical advice.

First Aid treatment for Broken Nose

  • Hold a glacier pack or frozen new vegetables wrapped in a nose towel for about 15-20 minutes each hour after the injury.
  • Take over the counter painkillers.
  • Keep your head forward for nosebleeds
  • Keep the head propped up in bed to help decrease swelling.
  • Use a nose decongestant if it’s hard to breathe well
  • Do not attempt to straighten it without medical attention if the nose is deformed.

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Check with your doctor instantly if; the pain is not helped by non-prescription pain relievers or if the pain gets worse, after a few days of swelling, it is not feasible to breathe the nose after swelling, the nose is deformed or twisted, there are constant nosebleeds or fever.

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