Buying Drugs Online? 10 Essential Tips You Need For Your Safety

Online pharmacies promise immense savings but many are unauthorized and sell products that are not made efficiently and can include dangerous chemicals that can hurt you. When buying drugs online,  there are many ways to cross-check the genuity of the online pharmacy store This is how to easily purchase generic medications online.

Currently, the planet has revolutionized in all forms one could speak about. Especially in the area of Information and Technology (IT) markets and Healthcare itself. Looking back decades ago, in almost all spheres of life, but mostly in information and technology, significant improvements have been made. Also, other industries now harness all of these positive measures for the benefit of humanity. Another such magnificent IT performance is the internet.

Benefits like E-learning, online shopping, chatting and entertainment are what we do with the internet. All of these can be accomplished right from the convenience of your homes, workplaces or anywhere else.

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Medicine itself has massively capitalized from the internet, and this has seen the advent of accredited and approved online pharmacies or online drug stores where consumers can easily buy drugs online.

You might be wondering; what measures do I need to consider while buying drugs online from online pharmacies or online drug stores? But, don’t stress because we got your back.

Here are 10 guidelines you need when buying drugs online:

Best Tips For Buying Drugs Online From Online Pharmacies Or Online Drug Stores

fake drugs from online drug stores
Lady holding fake drugs she bought online
  1. Make sure the website is licensed: It’s extremely dangerous to buy drugs online from fake online pharmacies. This is because they have really high chances of offering you fake drugs, defective drugs or even incorrect prescriptions. Even drugs that can lead to death. Often make sure the website is licensed before you buy drugs from them.
  1. Avoid websites without SSL encryption: when purchasing drugs from online pharmacies, remember that you also have to make an online payment. SSL is a form of encryption that stands for Standard Secure Layer. This kind of encryption protects user information and prevents access to it by third parties. Online drug stores without SSL encryption should be a no-go zone as one could unknowingly phish their credit card information that could result in the illegal diversion of your money by fraudsters.

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  1. Avoid websites without physical street address: When you happen to visit some online drug stores and discover that a street address is absent, be concerned. These online pharmacies seem to be fraudulent. So, you can’t find many details about them even if they’ve shipped an empty box to your door-step or even worse. your money is gone. Such online drug stores will also have no contact number and it may not be enough to have an email address and keep in touch with them.
  1. Avoid websites offering unrealistic low prices: As much as online drug stores may offer discounts on ordered prescription drugs, there are other online pharmacies which may appear to have unbelievably and unfairly low drug prices. All they want is to make a profit and earn a better life in the industry. Unrealistic low drug prices should scare you a lot. Before making any order, decide whether or not the platform is real as you might get scammed and lose your money however small it may be. Again, please bear in mind that in the end, the cheap price becomes enormous.
  1. Avoid websites that promise miracles or magic: When you happen to find online pharmacies that promise a miraculous cure or magic, do yourself a favour and run for your dear life. Such online drug stores will have miraculous or magic cures for diseases including HIV/AIDS. Currently, there is no cure for these terminal diseases and you are most likely to get duped off your hard-earned money. Such online drug stores are blatant traps and like a virus, you can stop them.
  1. Avoid websites that do not request for Physician’s prescription: Legal online drug stores will always go ahead telling you to give them your doctor’s prescription in a bid to assist you in the best possible way and also to make sure you don’t misuse the medications you have bought. Online pharmacies that refuse to ask for your doctor’s prescription indicates you’re not 100% safe.

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  1. Avoid drugs without a DIN: A DIN is an abbreviation for Drug Identification Number. A Drug Identification Number is a number assigned to all medications approved for sale in a country. In Canada, DIN is an 8-digit number. The significant feature of the Drug Identification Number is that it helps you track adverse drug reactions. Don’t buy drugs without Drug Identification Number from online pharmacies for your own safety.
  1. Make sure the Pharmacist in charge is licensed: Every legal online drug stores must have a licensed pharmacist(s) who can answer consumer requests, informing them on the dosages that they should administer, the prescription or even inform them on the other available medications possibly with less adverse body reaction.
  1. Never give away your personal info: If you try buying drugs online and they request you to provide your personal information such as details about your credit card in exchange for better treatment, insane deals, or free advice; stay off. Such places would drain your account for that purpose, without second thoughts or regret.
  1. Contact your physician: It is advisable to always contact your physician before buying drugs online. A doctor will not only issue you a prescription but may also encourage you to purchase medications at the best online drug stores or online pharmacies.

Why should you worry about buying drugs online?

buying drugs online from online pharmacies or online drug stores

You might end up purchasing pills which hurt instead of helping. The World Health Organization reported that more than half of the medicines provided by online drug stores were fake through websites that do not have a physical address. Medicines that you buy online from illegal online pharmacies may either be too powerful or too low.

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Criminals selling drugs online have one purpose: to earn money. But they also concentrate on pharmaceutical goods that are in demand that are not accessible in a standardized type at a reduced rate.

All of the fake medications are designed expertly. They look like the real thing but they could have been made under very dirty conditions. So, instead of the medication you need, they can include ingredients like chalk, starch, or flour. A fake pill can in the worse circumstances involve medications or chemicals that might hurt you.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.


One of the positive things the internet has given us is buying drugs online as it is simple and does not take much of our time. Given the simplicity that comes with it, if you aren’t careful enough, life can get pretty bad for you. Scammers are rising by the day to siphon your hard-earned cash.

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With the tips given above, you already know what you need to do in order to buy medications from online pharmacies or online drug stores, and what you need to search for to have a smooth and safe experience.

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