9 Common Vaginal Discharge Questions And Their Simple Answers

What exactly is vaginal discharge?

Vaginal discharge is a fluid made by glands inside the vagina and cervix. It is a normal, regular occurrence experienced by females. Normal vaginal discharge varies in amount and ranges in colour from clear to milky, white discharge. The discharge may have a slight odour as well, although a foul, fishy odour is a sign of an infection. So do not be alarmed when you realized that there is white fluid on your underwear.

What is vaginal discharge for?

Vaginal discharge helps to keep the vagina clean and prevent infection by clearing the vagina off dead cells and bacteria. Hence, it is a natural body cleaning system that helps keep females clean from germs and infections.

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How do I prevent it from ruining my underwear?

Vaginal discharge is fluid and therefore, can leave stains on your underwear. To avoid these stains, you should wear panty liners to protect your underwear. Pantyliners are better than sanitary pads because they are thinner, narrower, and comfortable for daily use. It also helps prevent you from smelling bad throughout the day.

How do I make my vagina Smell less?

This discharge may have a slight odour, although a foul, fishy odour is a sign of an infection. Eating fruits can help reduce the odour as fruits help to cleanse your system. Bacteria growth, poor hygiene and hormones can contribute to this smell. Washing your vagina thoroughly at least two times daily helps reduce the odour. Also, check for infections from time to time especially when the odour becomes too much.

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Why do I release a lot of discharge sometimes?

Normal vaginal discharge varies in amount depending on your menstrual cycle. Releasing a higher amount of vaginal discharge than usual can be as a result of ovulation or sexual arousal. Pregnant women may also experience higher amounts of vaginal discharge. You need not be worried as long as the discharge does not cause itching and discomfort.

Is eating vaginal discharge healthy and safe?

With all other factors like germs and infections kept constant, eating vaginal fluid is beneficial health-wise. It prevents heart disease and cancer, elevates mood, promotes mental and physical health and so on. Oral sex benefits both the man and the woman involved. Also, oral sex is considered a low-risk way of contracting STDs meaning you do not have to worry about contracting such diseases while in the process.

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How do I get vaginal fluid?

Women do not secret vaginal fluid all the time. To get vaginal fluid, you must first get her in the mood for sexual intercourse – I’m sure you know just how to do that. Secretion of this fluid is a sign that a woman is in the mood and is ready and willing to have sex. Once she is in the mood, go down to her vagina and start licking the vaginal lips using your tongue. At this point, she should be showing signs of producing the fluid in large amounts. Try and swallow as much as you can since you want to reap its health benefits.

How does vaginal discharge taste?

To satisfy your curiosity, normal vaginal discharge is alkaline in taste and has an odour that is not foul. Normal vaginal discharge varies in amount and ranges in colour from clear to milky. Ingesting the fluid has no known side effects and that should boost your confidence the next time you go down on a woman.

When should you have oral sex?

There is no limit to the number of times you can have oral sex. Both men and women love oral sex.


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