Essential Things To Know About CBD And CBD Oil

CBD oil is one of the most demanded product for wellness and relaxation. Many people are now using CBD oil in their daily routine, and you can learn more about how to fight stress with VBD by following this link.

What is CBD?

CBD means “cannabidiol”. It is a biochemical compound found in cannabis plants, i.e. hemp. CBD has long been overshadowed by its “sister” cannabinoid, “THC”. THC, the “tetrahydrocannabinol”, is the part of the hemp plant responsible for the intoxicating effect. Essentially, CBD and THC are compounds of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. The molecular chains are arranged differently in the two compounds.

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Obtaining CBD Oil

CBD is extracted from pressed hemp oil or directly from the female hemp plant. Legal hemp is preferred because it hardly contains the illegal substance “THC”.

However, certain traces of THC can hardly be avoided. Therefore, the legislator has defined an upper limit of 0.2% THC. Up to this limit, the distribution of products containing CBD is legal.

CBD can be easily extracted from the female hemp plant using high-percentage alcohol. It is then converted into a crystalline form through various refinement processes. Another method of obtaining CBD is by steam distillation.

However, on an industrial scale, CO2 extraction is used as the most efficient form of CBD extraction. It requires special equipment and a high level of expertise.

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However, what is extracted from the female hemp plant is initially the precursor to CBD, the CBDa. CBDa differs from CBD with an additional attached molecular chain of oxygen and hydrogen.

When CBDa is heated to precisely 120 °C, what is known as “decarbonizing” takes place. The CBDa loses this additional molecular chain in the process, which breaks down into oxygen and water. What is left is the crystalline CBD.

CBD oil application: Ingestion and dosage

You can use CBD oil drops internally and externally. The most common internal method is to put a few drops of CBD oil under the tongue. It is best done in front of a mirror, as this makes counting the drops easier.

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However, many prefer to put the drops on a spoon first. Placing the oil under the tongue is so useful because a large vein runs along with it. Through this, the CBD oil ingredients get into the blood without first having to pass through the stomach. As it travels through the stomach, much of the CBD is digested, reducing its concentration. Both pure CBD and hemp oil are not water-soluble. You can still take CBD oil in a warm tea or with a glass of water.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

You can also apply CBD oil externally. You can either use the oil directly or mix it with other oils and make your own cosmetics.

Smoking CBD oil

Many interested people often ask whether they can smoke CBD oil. We strongly advise against smoking or vaping CBD oil in an e-cigarette. Burning CBD oil has been shown to produce harmful to carcinogenic substances, such as all types of soot and dioxins.

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Does CBD make you high?

CBD has minimal psychoactive effects. However, it is by no means comparable to that of its sister hormone THC. It is why CBD is entirely legal to purchase in its pure form.

The products made from it, such as CBD oil, CBD capsules or CBD paste, are legally entirely unproblematic. As the concentration increases, however, CBD products quickly become very expensive. Therefore, choose the dose that is right for you wisely to avoid unnecessary costs.

Buy CBD oil online

The manufacturers in the Italian regions are mostly small to medium-sized companies. As a rule, they cover the entire supply chain: cultivation, processing, bottling and marketing come from a single source for most local suppliers.

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They are usually sold over the Internet by recognized companies with all the European certifications.

These are online shops, such as JustBob, that specialize in the marketing of CBD and other hemp products. Online shops selling dietary supplements also usually have some CBD products available. With these, the selection is usually somewhat more limited than with the manufacture of CBD products.

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