Freetrain V1 Review: Why Do People Love This Vest?

Freetrain V1 vest has gained popularity really fast. It is all over the internet. The customer reviews are just awesome. Why should I be the only one left out? Here I am now to give my own review after using the vest along with my friends.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise not just to lose weight but for your general wellbeing. When you run or go for roadwork, where do you keep your mobile device, music player, credit/debit cards, and other items? Do you hold them on your hands? Do you keep them at home? Or you put them inside your pocket or an armband or bum belt?. None of these will provide you with the comfort you need while running or exercising.

I am going to introduce you to a running partner that can provide a much better solution and improve your running or workout experience. A solution that almost everyone loves and it’s gaining more and more popularity and recommendations by sports experts. Freetrain V1 vest is your best choice!.

The Freetrain V1 vest was shipped to me by the Freetrain company. On arrival, the first thing I observed was how good the product was packaged before I went ahead to open it. So far, I have used the product for a couple of weeks now. I also gave to few of my running mates to use and tell me what they think about the vest and they all gave it thumbs up.

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I’m going to share my experience so far using the Freetrain V1 vest, its advantages and other areas which I believe still needs improvements.

What is Freetrain V1 Vest?

The Freetrain V1 vest is not the regular running vest you are used to. It is a modern and well-designed vest that allows easy access to your mobile devices while working out or running. Its centrally located case and hinge make it easy to interact with your apps, maps and music while on the move. The Freetrain V1 is the final solution to disruptive phone access and injury threatening weight distribution caused by armbands and bum belts.

As well as being the ideal option for working with your devices, the Freetrain V1 has additional compartments for your keys, cards, gels and even an inhaler. It has a reservoir on the underside of the excess headphone cable. This high-quality performance jacket uses intelligent materials that make for a lightweight, safe and comfortable fitting. Its perforated chest area expels excess heat and there is a reflective printing on the front and back of the vest to enhance visibility at night.

Top 7 Features Of Freetrain v1 Vest

freetrain v1 features
freetrain v1 features
  1. Pockets: The Freetrain vest has two pockets on its front and that is one of the things I love about Freetrain v1. The small one is a zip-up pocket located on the shoulder strap and the bigger one closed with a strip of Velcro. Asides your phone, these pockets also come handy for small snacks, chocolate bar, gel, or debit/credit cards.
  2. Adjustable Waistband: There is an elasticated belt that sits around your midsection. This is the main anchor point and the only part of the Freetrain v1 you can adjust.
  1. Phone Pouch: Freetrain V1 has a pouch designed with a plastic film which enables you to use the touchscreen without bringing it out. The pouch has a velcro fastener and the plastic film is tight enough to hold your phone safely.
  2. Lightweight: One of the best features of Freetrain vest is that it is nearly weightless. Freetrain V1 is made in China with very light but tough materials. And yet, it is well designed and constructed.
  3. Perforated Chest Region: The parts that sit over your shoulders are semi-elastic and perforated to release heat from your body while you run.
  4. Comfortable Fitting: The vest wraps comfortably around your shoulders, chest and mid-section. You won’t have any form of trouble running or working out with the vest.
  5. Price: I must say it is quite surprising that with all these good features of Freetrain vest, the price is just $39.99. It is affordable and reliable. You won’t regret getting one for yourself. Delivery is fast enough considering the pandemic and it’s free for US citizens. They also have a refund policy.

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Downsides Of Freetrain V1 Vest

Everything with a good side also has a bad side and Freetrain vest is not left out. With all the rich features of Freetrain v1, there is still room for improvement. The few features that can be improved are:

  • Pockets/Pouch: In a bid to keep your phone safe and operate your phone while on the run, the v1 vest comes with a pouch that has a plastic film. However, the friction between the plastic film and the phone screen is much making it hard to remove your phone afterwards. It also blocks the phone sensor making your screen dark all the time unless you increase the phone brightness manually. There is no room to use a wired earpiece for those of us that use one. I also suggest that the sizes of pockets and pouch be increased a little for larger devices.
  • Busty Runners: The Freetrain v1 vest is very comfortable for both men and women. However, the chest region can be improved for women who are busty. Most runners don’t have big sized breasts but we can’t overlook the fact that there are also some big breasted women who are trying to lose weight too via running and other exercises. This improvement can help them avoid chest pain.
  • Colours: Freetrain vest comes mainly in black and grey colours. I know there are people who are very choosy when it comes to colours especially women. So, I hope the vest will be produced in different colours in the future.
the freetrain v1 phone pouch

I really wish these key improvement points will be taken care of in the nearest future considering the competition out there. However, I must admit that this is currently the best vest in the market!

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My Verdict

The Freetrain v1 vest is made with high quality and lightweight material that makes it comfortable, flexible, smooth and stretchable.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

The vest has a good compressor on the back and it supports the back and improves one’s posture. It has a portable pocket in the front where you can put your phone, key, gel, and card and exercise freely all day long. I highly recommend this product to everyone. See what other Freetrain V1 vest users are saying.

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Freetrain v1 is definitely a must-have vest. The owners really put in lots of ideas and work into it and everyone who is using it always have good things to say. I gave the vest to 7 of my friends and they all loved it!. Get your own Freetrain v1 vest today and enjoy your sporting activities.

If you have the vest already, feel free to share your experience with us. Also, if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas or complaints, please use the comment box below.

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