How To Clean Headlights With Lemon

Cleaning your foggy headlights with lemon is one of the common car hacks every car owner should know. Lemon fruit contains natural bleaching properties that make it a good home cleaning agent.

One of the most prevalent problems with car headlights is fogging or clouding. Hazy automobile headlights are unattractive and can cause accidents by obstructing visibility while driving. As a result, learning how to clean headlights with lemon or other household cleaning agents is critical.

Cleaning foggy or cloudy headlights with lemon is very effective and safe. It is abrasive enough to take off the fog without scratching or damaging the headlights. Household cleaners are usually the easiest and best ways for cleaning oxidized headlights. When cleaning headlights, baking powder can be mixed with lemon to get a better result.

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While there are a variety of commercial headlight kits available to treat oxidized headlights, home methods are usually safer, less expensive, and just as effective.

Did you know that White toothpaste can be used to clean foggy headlights?. And, guess what, It works like magic and is really simple, fast, and safe.

Steps To Clean Foggy Headlights With lemon

  1. Get one lemon and cut it into two
  2. Use the cut surface to scrub your dirty car headlights. For a better result, pour baking soda on the lemon surface and then use it to scrub the headlights.
  3. After scrubbing, leave it on for 15 minutes
  4. Then rinse with clean Water.
  5. Repeat this process until the cloudy headlights become clean.

You can prepare a mixture before using it on the headlights:

  1. Cut about 2 or 3 lemons and squeeze the juice into a bowl
  2. Rub the lemon juice all over the dirty headlights (You can add baking soda to the lemon juice and mix it very well to make a paste)
  3. Leave it on for about 10 minutes
  4. Use a good towel to scrub the headlights very well.
  5. Then rinse with clean water.
  6. Repeat this process until the cloudy headlights become clean.

To get a better result, you can consider scrubbing the headlights with sandpaper instead of a towel.

Clean Your Dirty Headlights With Lemon Juice

Headlight repair kits can help reduce fogginess in addition to employing other home cleaning techniques. Before you use any of these kits, read the customer reviews to see whether this is the best kit for your headlight.

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Lemon juice is effective for cleaning smokey or dirty headlights. Combining lemon with baking soda gives even a better result. This is one of the most important Car Hacks that every automobile owner should be aware of. You don’t have to waste your money on pricey cleaners or hiring someone to clean your headlights for you. Using lemon to clean your headlights is a simple way to accomplish this.

Remember that you can repeat this technique every three months if necessary. In any case, if cleaning the headlights with lemon, baking soda, and sandpaper fails to clean your headlights, it is time to replace them.

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