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How To Make Zobo Drink (Easy To Understand Procedures)

Zobo drink is one of the popular drinks enjoyed by many people. To make zobo drink is very easy and there are many recipes for it. There are also various ways people make zobo drink but I’m going to show you how to make zobo drink with one of the best recipes I know. I believe that there are other better recipes out there because I have not tasted all zobo recipes.

In the previous posts, we looked at some of the health benefits of this amazing drink and now, I’m going to show you how to make yours in the comfort of your home without any artificial sweeteners. Homemade zobo drink is far better than the commercial ones.

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The reason I encourage people to make theirs is because you don’t know how the ones you are buying outside were prepared. You don’t also know the type of water used and many other health factors you have consider like good hygiene, health condition of the preparer and so on. Besides, food poisoning and typhoid can be gotten from patronizing public foods. So the best way to be sure of what you are taking is to make zobo drink yourself.

Ingredients/Requirements To Make Zobo Drink

So for this recipe, below are the things you will be need to make zobo drink:

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  • A large pot
  • A Juicer
  • Dried zobo leaves
  • Fresh or dried Ginger roots
  • 1 large pineapple
  • Oranges
  • Watermelon, cucumbers, apples and other fruits of your choice

Procedures To Make Zobo Drink

  • Wash the large pot you want to use to cook the dried zobo leaves.
  • Quickly rinse the dried zobo leaves in a bowl of clean water to remove dirt and dust particles on them. Then, put them inside the pot.
  • Pound the dried or fresh gingers roots and add them to the zobo leaves in the pot. The amount of ginger roots depends on how much you can handle.
  • Wash the pineapple and peel it. Then, add the bark of the pineapple to the pot containing the zobo leaves and ginger.
  • Pour clean water into the pot. The water should cover it fully, then put the pot on the fire and let it cook.

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  • While it is cooking, quickly juice the pineapple and oranges using your juicer. You can mix the juices in a bowl with your hands.
  • Then dice your fruits into small cubes. This includes the watermelon, apples and cucumbers and any other fruit you want to add to the zobo drink.
  • Some people skin the cucumbers but I don’t do that and I don’t encourage that because cucumber skins are rich in sulfur which is very good for the skin. It supports the production of collagen and makes the skin elastic and gives it a natural glow. I will advise you dice the cucumbers with the skin. You can remove the seeds but don’t throw them away because they are healthy; you can eat them.
  • When the mixture has been well-cooked, you bring it down from the fire, sieve it and re-boil them. After it has boiled again, sieve it and you can now throw them away.

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  • Allow the sieve to cool. When it has cooled, add the pineapple and orange juices to the zobo drink. You also add the diced fruits and stir well with a wooden stick or long spoon.

Congrats! Your healthy zobo drink is ready!

  • You can pour the drink into containers and store them in the fridge and take it regularly.
  • You can take this drink without adding sugar, artificial sweeteners, and colourings. The pineapple and orange juices and the fruits added will sweeten it naturally.

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All these artificial sweeteners are not healthy and they make one gain weight and become obese in the long run. They also cause other health problems like diabetes when taken regularly. Besides, with these sweet fruit juices added, it won’t be too sour. You can also add other fruit juices or herbs of your choice. Some people boil lemongrass with her zobo leaves making it a healthy natural herb for promotion of overall health.


The zobo drink you just made is very healthy and medicinal. The ginger you added is a powerful medicinal herb on its own and all the fruits added are storehouses of powerful antioxidants, phytochemicals and vital nutrients needed for the optimum functioning of the human body.

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Please Note: It is not advisable for a pregnant and breastfeeding mother to take zobo regularly and in excess. They can take it once in a while. A study published in the African Journal of Alternative and Complementary medicine revealed that when pregnant women take zobo, it increases the risk of them giving birth to babies with low birth weight. Babies with low birth weight are prone to diseases.

It is not even safe for a breastfeeding mother to consume too much zobo; because it decreases the appetite of the woman and make it difficult for her to eat much food. 

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To find out more why pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are not advised to consume much zobo, click here.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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