Marijuana Resin And Your Health: The Ultimate Guide

Marijuana resin comes to mind immediately after you run out of weed to smoke. At that particular moment, you just want to get high no matter what. Weed resin can be really helpful whenever you find yourself in this kind of situation but is it really worth it?

Many don’t like to admit it, but pretty much every weed smoker has knowingly or unknowingly smoked weed resin (also called cannabis resin, marijuana resin, pipe resin, or just resin) before. We’ve all been there, but have you ever considered what this cannabis resin is exactly and what it does to your health? Permit me to take you for a ride!

What is Marijuana Resin?

It can be explained based on the resin from the smoking pipe and the resin from the weed plant.

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marijuana resin from plant and pipe
marijuana resin from plants and pipe

From The Pipe: Marijuana resin is the tar-like residue of marijuana present in bongs, pipes, and other glassware after use and without cleaning for a long period of time. That is the black residue that smoked cannabis leaves behind in pipes, bongs, or glassware.

It can also be referred to as pipe resin or bong resin. It looks sticky and nasty. It comprises primarily tar and certain amounts of carbon and ash.

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From The Plant: Marijuana resin or cannabis resin is a sticky organic material that is insoluble and secreted by cannabis plants. The resin contains the cannabinoids and the terpenes of the cannabis plants.

The cannabis resin functions as a defense mechanism for the plant during its growth cycle. It is developed to protect the plant from potential predators and pests.

How To Smoke Marijuana Resin

Whether marijuana resin is from a pipe or from the plant, there are many ways weed resin can be enjoyed.

As you already know, tarry (black) resin collects at the bottom and walls of your smoking pipe, bong or bowl. It’s the dark, oily substance that some of us might be tempted to smoke each time we don’t have something else to smoke. It is what we term ‘marijuana pipe resin’.

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The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

It is dangerous to smoke this form of resin mainly because it’s already been burnt. It’s full of carbon from the burnt weed and most of the THC has been stripped off. As a result, it’s usually very irritating. Therefore, I recommend smoking resin from the plant instead of the resin from the pipe.

There are different ways to smoke the marijuana resin – both resin from the plant and resin from the pipe:

  1. With a Pipe Or Bong

Using a pipe panel, then fill your pipe with the resin. Light it up and inhale a small bit per hit. Water filtration is the most appropriate way of marijuana resin smoking, especially since it will not taste good in a dry pipe. Also, a Water filter helps to minimize the harshness of the smoke.

weed pipe for smoking cannabis resin
A weed pipe for smoking cannabis resin
  1. Light the PipeStraight

With this method, you don’t need to scrape off the resin first. Just heat up the pipe with a lighter as if you’ve got in and taken several puffs as smoke comes out. Don’t burn yourself. If the resin heats up, so does the container, and you might get burned.

  1. As a Joint

It’s never a good idea to try to make a resin joint, particularly because it’s sticky and moist. Resin is also compact and you won’t get much airflow through the joint. You will definitely get some smoke but not quite enough.

  1. Using a Vaporizer

Using a vaporizer will work to some degree but is not entirely recommended especially as it will ruin your vaporizer. Cannabis resin leaves the vape with a weird scent or taste which is very tough to get rid of.

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Resin vaporizes at a temperature that is far higher than THC, which implies you need more fire. Use a vaporizer with a concentrate chamber, then soak it in Isopropyl alcohol or salt to clean after each use. There are a lot of good cannabis vaporizers and wax pens on the market.

Does Marijuana Resin Contain THC?

Yeah, weed resin does have THC but in tiny quantity. When you smoke marijuana, few quantities of THC are stuck in weed resin. Currently, the precise quantity of THC contained in the leftover resin is impossible to determine. But irrespective of the particular quantity, there isn’t much THC in the residual cannabis resin.

However, the black, oily substance that builds up in the pipes, pots, vaporizers, and bongs is often made up of tar, ash, and carbon. These compounds are all components of the process of the combustion of weed. Ultimately, the leftover weed resin contains some THC, so you may also feel a little high after smoking the marijuana resin, but the leftover resin is very small in THC relative to the main weed leave concentrate.

Is Marijuana Resin Smoking Good For You?

The answer is NO!. Resin is terrible for your health!

Smoking is harmful to the respiratory system, in general. This fact cannot be argued. Marijuana resin; nevertheless, is much more harmful than the usual cannabis plant. It contains tar, ash, and carbon.

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Smoking leftover resin can trigger a big health problem for you sooner or later. All I’m trying to say is over time smoking resin will most likely cause more problems than smoking weed bud over the same time frame. Say no to marijuana resin!

Does Marijuana Resin Get You High?

Marijuana resin (whether from plant or pipe) contains some amounts of THC, so you may also feel a little high after smoking it. However, the leftover resin is very small in THC relative to the main weed leave concentrate. Therefore, you have to smoke large quantities of the resin before you get really high.

man smoking cannabis resin
man smoking cannabis resin

How Long Does Marijuana Resin Stay In Your System?

How long cannabis resin remains in your body is hard to determine due to variables such as:

  • The dose of THC ingested.
  • How often you use it
  • Timing of drug test relative to last use.
  • Rate of release of THC or other cannabinoids from the tissue.
  • Level of hydration.

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Your body reaches peak blood loads of THC within minutes after smoking weed resin. But, since marijuana resin contains little amount of THC, you have to smoke a large quantity than your regular weed bud to achieve this peak blood load. Your blood pressure starts decreasing as the effects fade off, generally after 2 hours.

Like I said before, there are variations in the THC clearance rates among individuals. Also, since people with greater body mass (fat people) may accumulate more THC and its metabolites, and since long-term weed smokers have subjected their bodies to more THC, all of these factors are adversely associated with THC clearance rates.

If you’re concerned about a drug test for ethical or medical purposes, the safest choice is to abstain from smoking it. It is only as plain as this. There’s no way to say for sure how long marijuana resin will stay in your system because of the highly variable nature of the THC metabolism.

Side Effects Of Weed Resin Smoking

The most prominent side effects of the resin include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Anxiety or panic attacks and
  • Loss of short-term memory

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Uses Of Marijuana Resin (The Plant Resin)

Cannabis resin from the plant can be put to other reasonable uses asides from smoking. They include:

  1. Hashish (Hash)

Hash will make you calm, give you a feeling of well-being and assist with issues like pain, fatigue, sleeplessness, and imagination. Much of the THC from smoking hashish is absorbed within a matter of seconds, so kick-in is also fairly fast.

Hash made from marijuana resin
Hash made from marijuana resin

It is commonly smoked or often consumed straight in bottles, cigarettes, hookahs, or combined with other grasses. It is made by compressing the cannabis resin trichomes into a ball or block.

  1. Butane Hash Oil

Butane Hash Oil, also known as BHO or ‘honey oil’ is one of the most popular uses of marijuana resin. It hits fast and strong and looks like honey. Typically, it is a lovely golden, amber color, and is most frequently used in dabs. However, during production, beneficial terpenes are destructed.

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  1. Live Resin

Live resin is now the best since too many of the beneficial and aromatic properties like the terpenes which make cannabis resin popular are always destroyed during manufacturing in butane hash oil.

Live resin is the remedy for those who really want the added terpenes and phytochemicals in their cannabis resin. Though certain solvents are used in this process, it is not nearly as many as it is used in the butane hash oil development process.

  1. Rosin

Rosin is another type of oil that originates from marijuana resin. It is pretty much like butane hash oil, only that rosin is not produced with solvents, which retains much of the terpenes. To get rosin, you’ll only use heat and pressure to remove all the plant oil.

rosin made from weed resin
rosin made from weed resin

Advantages Of Marijuana Resin Over Weed Flower Or Bud

There are a variety of applications of cannabis resin some of which are more efficient than others. When you extract resin from the cannabis plant, you basically remove all the beneficial compounds from the product.

Collecting resin from a cannabis plant is like customizing a feed so you can just see what you want to see. You separate the active compounds from the raw material of the plant and distill the power and effects of the plant.

Concentrates derived from resin glands are naturally more active than the weed flower itself, which accounts for the rapid increase of concentrates in the cannabis industry.

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Weed resin may have a long shelf life with adequate protection from external conditions — sun, humidity, water, and air. Naturally, resin often protects its own cannabinoids from oxygen, especially when pressed into a hash which causes the resin to darken. This dark brown color and opaqueness preserve the active compounds against ultraviolet ( UV ) light and increases the shelf life of the drug.

How To collect Cannabis Resin From Pipe

Every way of scrapping a few pieces is perfect. Every pipe is subtly different from each other so a little innovation can come in handy here. Remember that the purpose is to pull out some pieces of resin you can put in your pipe and smokes.

Here are a few devices you can improvise to successfully collect those resins from the pipe or bong:

  • Paperclip or Bobby Pin: Any of these two clips will accomplish the job of scraping the resin. Just bend the clips into a shape that lets you scrape effortlessly around the inner curves of your weed pipe.
  • Parchment paper: To extract your resin from the pipe, you need a non-stick disposable surface. You may use gum paper or wax paper. I’m sure you don’t want your surfaces messed up.
  • Smoker multi-tool: You can get a multi-tool smoker which comes in handy to scrap resin from bowls. It’s nice to have one around but it’s not necessary.
Smoker multi-tool for scraping cannabis resin
Smoker multi-tool for scraping cannabis resin

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  • Lighter: First, you have to heat up the pipe or the device you are using to scrape out the resin. The dry heat from the lighter makes the resin soften and hence, makes it easier to collect. The downside to heating is that it makes the resin stinky, gritty, and drippy as the resin warms up. That is, it makes the resin look messy. Ensure your skin, clothe or floors don’t make contact with the melted resin. Heating will saturate the resin, and you need to allow it to dry for some time.

What Is Resin From Weed?

Resin from weed is a tar-like (black) residue left behind in the smoking pipe, bong, or bowl. The combustion of cannabis creates by-products which are mostly ash, tar, and carbon that build up in smoking instruments such as pipes, bongs, and bowls.

What Is Weed Resin Made Of?

Weed resin from the pipe is made mostly of ash, tar, carbon, and tiny amounts of THC and terpenes as a result of incomplete combustion.

However, Weed resin from the plant is much better as it contains high quantities of THC, terpenes, cannabinoids, and other compounds for which the cannabis plant is known.

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Final Words

I can never give marijuana resin (most especially the one from the pipe) my approval. It is toxic, disgusting in taste and smell, and has very low quantities of THC in it. Personally, I would rather hold on until I get the real weed than smoke weed resin.

Let’s be real; with limited THC, the resin is just a waste material. Also in edible goods, tar is still toxic. After smoking weed resin teat or its edibles you would possibly experience nausea. Avoid it at all costs!

What do you have to say concerning cannabis resin? Let me know using the comment section below.

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