12 Dangers Of Using Tramadol For Sexual Function

tramadol for sexual function

Tramadol is a narcotic-like drug used to treat moderate to severe pain. It exhibits an effect similar to that of opioids. It is one of the most abused drugs of this generation. It is used illegally by both men and women and has become a serious problem for many countries. Men must be aware of the side effects … Read more

Walnuts And Their 16 Surprising Health Benefits You Should Know


The health benefits of Walnuts extends to the cardiovascular system (heart), cancer, skeletal system (bones), inflammation, metabolism, astringency (soft tissue binding), diabetes, the skin, sleep, brain, stress, weight loss, and mood boosting.. Walnuts are healthy, sweet and natural snack. Before I go on to show you how walnuts are able to do all these, let’s … Read more

Viagra Blindness In Men: Is It True Or False?

viagra blindness

The field of medicine conducts research every time, and human sexual health and reproduction are not left out. For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, Viagra has been very helpful since its entry into the drug market. However, recent studies on viagra blindness in men have truly implicated viagra in some men suffering from blindness. Viagra … Read more

10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts You May Not Know

tiger nuts

Tiger nuts have lots of health benefits which millions of people are ignorant of up till date.  Apart from protection from cardiovascular diseases, there so many additional benefits you can derive from these nuts. Some people still don’t know what tiger nut is and that takes us to the next topic… What Are Tiger Nuts? … Read more

Gain Weight Fast: 5 Proven Healthy And Safe Ways

gain weight fast

Overweight or obese individuals are searching for ways to lose weight fast while the skinny ones are searching for ways to gain weight fast. That’s the irony of life. If you are underweight or skinny, you should be concerned. It is as bad to your health as being overweight or obese. Moreover, there are many … Read more

7 Common Pregnancy Test Mistakes

pregnancy test

Finding out whether you are pregnant or not (via pregnancy test) immediately you start noticing the signs of having the feeling is very important as it helps you adjust your lifestyle, make future decisions and embrace yourself. Unfortunately, most young women, including men, don’t know how this pregnancy test is properly done, and as such, they make … Read more

6 Natural Tips To Quickly Lose Belly Fat

lose belly fat

Get Enough Sleep One of the many health benefits of getting adequate sleep or rest is that it helps you lose weight in ways you never imagined. There are other health benefits attached to getting enough sleep. So, this isn’t just great advice for shedding unwanted pounds around the midsection. It is quite easy to … Read more

How To Improve Your Child’s Reading Ability (12 Tips)

children's reading ability

Parents and guardians play a crucial role on how quickly their children learn to read, understand and speak. Reading ability is developmental and starts when your little child looks up to you each time you are talking because they can actually hear you and try to understand and make out the words. Today, I’m going … Read more