How To Know If You’re Ready To Date Again

How do you know you are ready to get hooked up again for a new exciting dating experience? Are you ready to date or not? You may be interested in jumping in back into the dating pool after a break-up. However, you might feel it is too soon to get your groove on, especially after a divorce or the death of a spouse. What is the appropriate wait time before it feels right to date again?

The truth is that there is no defined wait time for you to be ready to date again. No formula standard formula exists for everyone to follow, since we are all different, and everyone is unique in their own way. Some people jump right back in the dating game days after a break-up, while others take quite a long time to get back “on the block.”

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Where do you belong? Are you slow to move on to a new relationship following a break-up from a committed relationship, or does dating somewhat feel awkward to you? If you are scared at meeting strangers to start a new relationship with, then it may be that you are not quite ready to get back in the dating game just yet. Whatever the case, know that you can always use the best dating sites 2020has to offer.

How To Know If You’re Ready To Date

Understanding whether you’re ready to date or not can save you from the pain of heartbreaks. No one starts a new relationship when they’re not ready and ends up being successful. It does not work that way.

Ready to date again: First Date

It would help if you were absolutely sure you’re emotionally ready to date before you start any serious relationship. Many people make the mistake of diving back in the dating pool too soon after a bad break-up and end up performing terribly in their new relationship, ultimately hurting themselves more and breaking the hearts of their new partners. Therefore, we recommend you don’t go back “on the block” if you’re unsure about it.

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So how soon is too soon, and how would you determine you’re ready to date or not? We’ve compiled a checklist for you to consult to know if you’re emotionally ready to date. See below the signs of ready to date candidates and the not ready to date yet.

You Entertain Thoughts of Falling in Love Again

During loving relationships, you make amazing memories that stay with you for a long time. Do you remember those good times you had with your ex before everything came tumbling down? When you’re still hurting from the break-up, it is hard to remember the positive things, but once you come out of the darkroom and stop hurting, you clearly see the good things about love, which makes you think about the future.

Ready to date: Falling in Love

Do you entertain thoughts of falling in love again so you can experience those amazing feelings again? It is a good sign of ready to date again. It does not matter how long it has been since the break-up, but once you start thinking about what it would feel like to be in love again, don’t hold yourself back. It is a positive sign that you are ripe for the next love adventure.

You’re Over Your Ex

How long until ready to date again? The simple sure answer is “until you are over your ex”. It does not matter how long it has been since you broke up, be it days, months, or years; you’ll only be ready to move on to the next relationship only when you’re over your ex. Of course, you have to be over your past before you can appreciate what the future holds for you.

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How do you know you’re over your ex? Ask yourself the following:

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  • Do you feel jealous/sad/angry when you see your ex with his/her new partner? If all you feel is inner peace when you spot your ex with their new favorite person, then it is a sure sign you’re ready to move on to better things relationship-wise.
  • Do you talk about your ex in general conversations? If yes, it means you still have them on your mind, which shows you are still hung up on them. Being stuck on someone shows you’re not over them, and it wouldn’t be a good idea to start a new committed relationship. First, get over your ex before you dive into a new romantic journey with someone else.
  • Other signs to show you’re over your ex include: not having the urge to stalk their social media pages to see how they’re doing, you no longer entertain hopes of getting back together with them, and you no longer cry over the break-up.

You’re Not Grieving the Last Relationship

Sometimes a break-up happens over natural reasons, like the death of a spouse. Regardless of how long the relationship was, it will hurt you to lose someone you loved wholesomely. So how will you know you’re ready to date after the death of a spouse?.

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If you’re still grieving the relationship, you’re emotionally not ready to date. It would not be good to go out and date while you’re still mourning the relationship. Grieving the last relationship is a sign that you’re not ready to date yet.

You’ll know you’re ready to meet new people and start a new journey with them when you can look back at the relationship with bittersweet memories. Remembering the good times you had together and hoping to feel that amazing feeling once more is a sure sign that you are ready to get it on with someone else after the death of a spouse.


Getting ready to date after a divorce, death of a spouse, or a break-up from a bad relationship? The above tips should inform you if you’re ready to date or not. If you’re sure of yourself, you can start meeting new people to start a thrilling dating journey full of love and romance. Are you ready to date again? You can meet amazing people who are ready to bless your life with wholesome love online on dating sites.

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