Robot Sex Dolls: Their Pros And Cons To Your Health

Most people have the perfect sex partner they’d like to have, and that can be done through these robot sex dolls. You now have an option to configure a sex robot based on how you want it to look with a wide range of facial choices as well as more than 11 exclusive labial designs.

People who are sexually attracted to robot sex dolls are sometimes referred to as digisexuals or robosexuals. Sexbots with a male design may be referred to as malebots or manbots

Gender neutral terms for robot sex dolls include; pleasure bot, sex droid, love-bot, love droid or eroto-bot.

Robot sex dolls with a female design have been referred to as chick-bots or fembots.

What are sex robots?

Robot sex dolls are basically realistic dolls with complex gestures that mimic humans closely so they can romp. Sexbots are hyper-realistic with features including built-in heaters to create a body temperature sensation.

They also have sensors that can respond to your touch. Experts say that in the next decade, these advanced robots will begin to appear in everyday homes as lonely people pursue love.

Robot Sex Doll Reviews (Health Pros and Cons)

Robots are known to perform tasks like cleaning houses, building cars, making food, among other activities. Manufacturers have come up with robot sex dolls with advances in technology that you can use for your private enjoyment.

Such robots are reasonable in that they make complex, human-like gestures in order to offer sexual satisfaction and romp. These robot sex dolls do come with built-in heaters to provide enough energy to the body and have sensors in their vital organs to respond just as human beings react to your touch.

robot sex dolls standing with man

These robot sex dolls are made of Silicon, making them feel warm when you touch them. Depending on the model you’re happy with, your sex doll may display certain personalities and traits that imitate a human being. These are automatic and can offer ecstasy as well as perform more than 50 sex positions, allowing you to choose from a wide range of positions based on your preference and experience.

Health Pros Of Getting Robot Sex Dolls

1. Always on call, any time, any day

It’s efficient to have sex with a robot as you always have sex whenever you want. This is unlike people who apologise for why they can’t have sex. The robot also avoids the many inconveniences that come with people when they don’t want their partners to have sex.

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The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

Most people are working class, and they lead a busy life that leaves no room for interaction with their families. The sex robot dolls have come to fill this void as they will always be there for you when you need them and they will never be disappointed.

2. Boosts sexual performance

Most people are willing to use sex robots as devices of manliness learning. It helps them to improve their sexual performance and increase their ability to enjoy their partners.

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These have also been shown to overcome premature ejaculation issues and weak orgasms that help people recover their full potential.

3. Helps sex addicts

Japanese sex doll
Japanese sex doll

Robot sex dolls help most people who are sex addicts and tend to have an unusual desire for sex. That’s it. Nevertheless, one mate may have trouble withstanding such a sexual urge, which leaves addicts searching for multiple partners.

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This also comes with its issues as it generally has high chances of catching diseases. Sex addicts are satisfied with sex robots as much as they want to have sex with the machine. The robot’s not getting tired.

4. Low risk of contracting STD

Once human beings have contact, sexually transmitted diseases are widely transmitted. The illness poses risks and causes problems in a household, and sometimes it leads to death if it is not treated early.

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You don’t need to think about contracting a sexually transmitted disease with a sex robot. Robots boost safe sex, and you don’t have to think about the chances of contracting these diseases.

5. Lowers the rate of unwanted pregnancies

There are many times when people have sex that leads to unplanned pregnancies. we bring problems with couples when unwanted pregnancies arise when we think of the way to terminate the baby, and when they choose to continue it, the infant is not accepted in the household as it comes in an unexpected fashion. You don’t have to think about that, though, for robots. It’s a safe day, every day.

6. Helps polygamous people to be devoted to their partners

Many men are by nature polygamous and prefer to go out in search of other partners to fulfil their sexual urge. If you think you’re such a guy, then you’re going to need a sex robot that will please you and make you stick to your one-partner marriage.

The Health Cons

1. Leads to social isolation

Having robot sex dolls ensures that you are excluded from engaging with your partners as the machine would give you the sexual satisfaction you desire. Most people who own these sex dolls are adults who have split from their partners, or either the partners have died, and people with disabilities are also affected because they are typically ignored.

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They prefer to surround themselves and find comfort in robot sex dolls instead of these people looking for other friends with whom they can socialize. It can make it difficult to maintain human relationships by spending a lot of time on sex dolls.

2. Requires a lot of pampering

man to marry doll

You need to regularly bathe your sex robot. The more you bathe it, the less the chance of becoming tainted with diseases. It’s a boring thing to take a bath and bathe your doll as well. This is unlike in humans where it is the duty of all of them to maintain their body integrity without including other people.

3. Toxic dolls

Some of the robot sex dolls were made from toxin-containing substances and other components that can be toxic to your skin. You can intoxicate your body by using them and give your body serious health issues. This can negatively affect the deterioration of your sex life in your private parts.

The Future Of Robot Sex Dolls

Artificial intelligence in our lives is changing the structure of so much. So it’s not surprising that AI in the sex industry is also making a big splash. In fact, robot sex dolls are starting to play a larger role. The use of robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly common for everything from blow jobs to total intercourse. In locations like Amsterdam and Japan, even sex doll brothels are opening up.

In many cases, because of sexually transmitted diseases, it is much safer for men and women to engage in sex with robot sex dolls than prostitutes. Countless studies have shown that men are willing to pay for sex in particular, but that means joining the often risky underworld of illegal prostitution. That could be changed by AI robot sex dolls.

What the Future Looks Like for Sex Dolls with Artificial Intelligence

The days of sex and frozen dolls come to an end. And the phenomenon is also not just about women who use robot sex dolls. The choice becomes tempting as it becomes more difficult to find a suitable partner and as our lives become more complicated.

robot sex dolls with artificial intelligence

If you can switch your appearance, choose the degree of contact you want, and configure the doll entirely, what else remains? In the future, sex with robot sex dolls will become normal, with experts predicting that human/robot interaction will exceed human/human sexual involvement by 2050.

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And as there are plenty of robot sex dolls that look like people, it’s hard to determine the difference.

You should try out one of these robot sex dolls in practice if you’re unsure about what to do. Equally impressive is the simplicity of these sexbots.

One thing that is enticing for realistic sex dolls is their cost. When success grows, the less it will run. When prices decrease, it is possible to add additional features without the cost increasing. In other words, the sex industry is about to be changed completely by AI sex robots.


Keep in mind the robot sex dolls are no human equivalent. It doesn’t give you the care and love you’d feel when you’re with the particular person you love, as much as it gives you sexual satisfaction. It is the main difference between robot sex dolls and real-life partners, who, apart from giving you sexual satisfaction, will give you warmth and emotions.

What other advantages and disadvantages of robot sex dolls can you think of? please let us know using the comment box below.


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