Sleep Wrinkles: Causes And Prevention

Ever heard of sleep wrinkles? Each time you wake up from sleep, do you notice some wrinkles on your face caused mainly by your pillow? Does sleeping on your side cause face wrinkles? Do sleep wrinkles contribute to aging? Today, I will be sharing my knowledge on this topic. So, read on …

A night of good peaceful sleep is the top recommendation in the fight against aging skin. Yes, it gives you a rejuvenated mind, body, and health. Surprisingly, your sleep wrinkles could also age you. You’re wondering how? Well, your sleeping position is to be blamed for deepening your facial wrinkle lines. Skin aging is a cumulative effect of many factors, and it is difficult to identify one.

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However, there are certain sleeping positions that leave deep lines and wrinkles on your skin. Better known as sleep wrinkles, they are formed by the distortion of delicate facial skin while sleeping against a pillow, bed, or other materials. People have a lot of sleeping postures, and you can see how your skin is treated every time you sleep on your pillow.

Sleeping Positions That Cause Sleep wrinkles

You sleeping position can determine if you will get sleep wrinkles and the pattern of lines that will be drawn across your face. Such positions are:

Sleeping On Your Stomach

This could be the worst position for sleep wrinkles. Your whole face is shattered against the pillow. Typically, your forehead is most affected by more prominently engraved sleep marks. It is common for stomach sleepers to see vertical lines slashing across the face when they wake up in the morning.

Sleeping On The Side

According to a report, the majority of people spend 60 per cent of their sleep time facing sideways. Although it’s pretty hard to avoid sleeping sideways, you can always turn your sides frequently without favouring just one side. The effects of sideways sleep can best be seen around your lips and cheeks. As mentioned earlier, it’s best to keep alternating your sides as it can help prevent sleep wrinkles.

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Sleeping On Your Back

If you’re used to sleeping mostly on your back, you’re less likely to get sleep wrinkles. Sleeping on your back helps to avoid sleep wrinkles because you won’t be squishing your face against a pillow at any time.

In addition, you will also be able to avoid the breakouts caused by the bacteria that build up on your pillow. You can best rejuvenate your skin when you sleep on your back.

Sleep wrinkles causes skin aging
Sleep wrinkles causes skin aging

How To Prevent Sleep Wrinkles

  • Sleeping Position: Well, for most of you, it’s hard to bring about a change in your sleeping habit and position. But you can remain a little vigilant about the position you’re sleeping in, especially if you’re a stomach sleeper.
  • Change Your Pillow Cover: If you feel the pillow cover is too rugged, it’s best to switch to soft silk or baby fabrics to avoid sleep wrinkles.
  • A Memory foam pillow is a different option. This pillow molds itself according to the impression made on it and encourages you to stay still. This pillow has proven to eliminate sleep wrinkles.
  • Improve Your Daily Anti-aging Skin Habits: The way you keep your skin and your daily skin regimen will also have an impact on sleep wrinkles and wrinkles in general. Eat healthily, keep your skin well moisturized, exfoliate within limits, and don’t forget about SPF. Stash your skincare kit with a really good lip balm, cleanser, serum, eye cream, rejuvenating mask, night cream, and anti-aging cream like Lifecell Skin Cream.
  • Avoid Stress: Good sleep is still the best way to reduce aging. Don’t keep stressing about your sleeping position all night. All you have to do is keep a check and don’t go all night without sleeping at all.

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Sleep wrinkles happens to almost everyone at some point in life but it can be prevented. Sleeping on your side and sleeping on your stomach causes these wrinkles. Best sleeping position is to sleep on your back.

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