12 Solid Tips To Get Any Woman Instantly

It has been proven beyond a reasonable doubt that women are the weaker sex and can be easily manipulated by men. However, even as the weaker sex, it is still very hard for some men to get any woman of their choice. For any man to accomplish this he must be willing to try different tricks used and shared by experienced men.

Women differ from each other. What works for one woman may not work for another woman. So, it’s good to know these simple tips and know when to use each one of them. If you play your cards right with these tips, you are on your way to becoming an irresistible gentleman.

10 Attributes You Need To Get Any Woman

Wooing a woman is a two-way thing. Its either she accepts or she rejects you. If she rejects you, you simply have to move on. I’m sure there are a thousand women out there having those same qualities you saw in her that picked your interest.  If she rejected you the first time, you may need to put yourself in order and try again before giving up totally.

Putting yourself in order entails; improving your appearance (look and dress responsibly), changing your mindset about her (the fact that she dressed indecently doesn’t mean you should approach her the way your approach commercial sex hawkers), and then prepare for her assessment. This is where these tips can be very useful to you. Here comes the tip…

Good Dress Sense:  Just like a picture, appearance also is worth a thousand words. Remember that how you dress determines how you will be addressed. Well dressed men are more attractive to women. If your dressing resonates an aurora of $$, you wouldn’t need to do much talking before she gives you the Yes! You don’t have to dress too sophisticated to attract any woman. All you need is to dress neat, get a good air cut and shave, apply nice smelling perfume or body spray, and wear nice shoes.

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Confidence: Women love men with radiant confidence all over. Walking up to a woman all panicky guarantees your rejection.  Even if you have recited what to say before approaching her, you will end up being shaky since you lack confidence. But with confidence, you don’t even need to recite anything before meeting her. The watchword, of course, is ‘Confidence’, not cockiness. Don’t let over-excitement take control over you.

Money talks: Money is one of the ingredients to wooing a woman. Have you ever wondered why sugar daddies all around you easily get all the fine chicks? Money can help boost your confidence. While not all girls are easily influenced by money, a vast majority still do. Don’t go about telling them how rich you are and flaunting much up and down. Rather, let the atmosphere around you speak for you.

Women can smell money from a distance. No matter the kind of money you have, you need to humble yourself while wooing a woman. Not all women like arrogant men. For example, instead of calling her on the street or anywhere to come to you, you walk to her. Even if you are carrying a car, you have to stop, come down from the car and walk to her. This single act of humility increases your chances of getting a yes.

Never Give Up Too Easily: Sometimes, women may reject you the first time and even the second time because they want to know how serious and determined you are. Every woman loves to be pursued and wooed by a man. It makes her feel rather special and important, you know, like the demi-god she feels she is. Caress her egos; give her a good chase, even when she teases you. You’ll be surprised how deeply she’ll fall for you after the ‘hot pursuit’. But remember not to over-do it. There is a way you may go about the pursuit and it will become embarrassing. You need to exercise some level of patience.

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Be Romantic/sweet: Women, no matter their age, are like kids, they love to be pampered like an egg. If you think I’m lying, try pampering an older woman and see how she reacts. This is the simple truth why Romantic/sweet guys tend to have the best girls and many other girls crushing on them. Romantic/sweet guys are funny, jovial, flexible, caring, a good listener and a pleaser.

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Women don’t fall for men that are too rigid as such men hardly go out of their way to please their woman or hid to her advice. Being romantic doesn’t mean you should disrespect yourself by turning into a maid or a laughing stock because you want to please your women. If you ever try this, she will take you for granted and useless you.

Wit and Charm: Cheerful guys are always a step higher in the hierarchy of women. Be one with a difference. Be that guy who’s cheerful and smart at the right time. You are not performing a stand-up comedy show, so you don’t need to be a clown to be witty; you just need to be sharp and clever.

Man Up:  Women are naturally drawn to a man who commands respect, a man respected and valued by others, a man who knows when to act and when not to, a man who is in control of the situation, a leader. For instance, back then in school, I’m sure you recall that most of the girls were crushing on the school’s football team captain and Senior Prefect. In other words, if you want the best, you have got to be the best.

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Work On Your Arrogance: There is nothing much to say here. Be modest, but have self-respect. Treat people with respect no matter their status/condition in life. But, don’t stoop so low as to be tossed around by other men or women. Try to be the perfect gentleman you can be. Women will fall head-over-hills for you!

Make Her Your Spotlight: Women love courteous and gallant men, men who will respect and value them. Treat your woman well and you will be shocked what she would be willing to do for you.

Have Dreams: the fact that many women prefer already made men doesn’t mean we don’t have women who are willing to love you even though you don’t have money for the main time. Have a dream/passion and you will be attracted to mature women who are not after material things. Mature women will support their dreams/passion. Show her how much you are determined to achieve your dreams, even if you are not currently standing upright financially, you will be surprised at the positive response you will get from some women. Today, we have many men who have women behind their success. They started just like this – having a woman who supported their dream even when they had nothing.

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Talk Dirty: Women love dirty talk too. Send her sexy texts during the day while she’s at work. Whisper naughty thoughts into her ear when you’re sitting together on the couch or while you’re out to dinner. Let her know you’ve been thinking about her to make her feel amazing. Women want to feel sexy and wanted.

Learn To Cook: Men who know their way around the kitchen can turn almost any woman on. Though women are expected to know how to cook, not all women cook.

In fact, research conducted on Australian couples supports this claim. Based on the results, women were more turned on when guys cooked, rather than when they used power tools. The same study concluded that receiving a cup of coffee was comparable to receiving a gift or a warm hug.

So, next time you get the idea of making her breakfast, go for it. Cooking does not only make you look more masculine, it has the added benefit of turning her on.

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If for some strange reasons you notice any signs of withdrawal or she starts distancing herself, giving lots of unnecessary excuses, it’s best you give up and move on with your life, because a woman who’s not turned on by all the listed attributes here definitely has her heart somewhere else, no need stressing yourself. Do yourself the honour and move on…

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