Spiritual Effect Of Licking a Woman

As a person of faith, I have personally come to realize that engaging in intimate activities with a spouse does not have any spiritual implications. The Bible does not explicitly forbid couples from engaging in these activities, therefore, I believe that it is not a sin as long as it is taking place within a marital relationship.

During physical intimacy, some women enjoy receiving oral stimulation, while others may not be interested or may even dislike it. However, with attention and consideration for her preferences, it can be a pleasurable experience that can lead to a satisfying physical connection.

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Do you know there are some health benefits of licking a woman? Do you also know that many guys like to eat vaginal discharge?

Why There Is No Spiritual Effect Of Having An Oral Stimulation With A Woman?

Because the Bible does not specify the type or style of sexual intercourse between couples, it is up to the partners to decide what is and is not appropriate. Some people have argued that licking a woman is sinful because it does not result in procreation. The aim of the marital institution, however, was not only for procreation; it was also to avoid loneliness and ensure a helpmate in the process of catering to the garden; thus, sexual intercourse becomes the vehicle through which humanity replenishes the planet through procreation.

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If marriage was solely for the purpose of procreation, Abraham and Sarah’s marriage should have ended long ago because they had been childless for a very long time. Because there was a period of infertility in Isaac and Rebecca’s or Eli and Hannah’s marriage, it should not have been maintained. Those who argue that oral stimulation or licking a woman is bad since it does not result in procreation imply that childless couples should not have sexual intercourse and should break their marriages because they are null and void without children.

Why There Is No Spiritual Effect Of Licking a Woman?
Keep your vagina clean always for a healthy oral stimulation

On the other hand, Christians are free individuals, and they should utilize their freedom to study what is acceptable to God and can bring them satisfaction. If the vagina or penis is kept clean and healthy, licking a woman can be a mutually enjoyable action. Some men told me that a dirty vagina traumatizes them, therefore they don’t conduct anything oral activities on their wives. I’m sure some women also feel the same way about giving blow jobs to a dirty penis.

If you do lick a woman and are concerned that you are committing a sin, then you are, because according to the bible, anything that is not done in faith is a sin (Rom 14:23).

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The only way to be safe with sexual intercourse is to be disease-free first and then be faithful to one partner. There’s no way you’ll be disease-free if you suck or lick one woman and then suck or lick another woman somewhere else. When diseases strike, sexual intercourse becomes more of a liability than a benefit. The sexual affair was not created to be a burden; it should be a source of joy!


There is no spiritual effect of licking a woman or having oral stimulation provided that the couple is married. If licking a woman is performed outside of marriage or between partners who are not married, it is known as fornication and therefore, is a sin and might affect both partners spiritually.

Remember I wrote this article with my knowledge as a Christian and I believe people of other religions might have different views. So, I would love to know your view on this article.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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    • I can’t think of any other verse for now. If you are married, oral sex is not a sin as long as its done with your partner. If you have any other question, please feel free to ask.


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