Glycine In Collagen: How Does It Help The Brain?

Glycine In Collagen promotes brain function

Glycine in collagen is highly beneficial to the bones, tissues, muscles, and central nervous system, and as such is one of the most important non-essential amino acids in the body. The human brain is one of the most diverse organs of the human body. It is like the headquarter of the human nervous system, which … Read more

Are People With Brain Diseases More Likely To Develop Addictions?

addiction and mental health disorders

Are brain diseases associated with alcohol and drug addiction? In the past, people considered addiction to be a flaw in a person’s character. Something that they could control if they wished, but would rather indulge in drugs and alcohol. People who suffered from addiction were often thought to be bad people who only thought about themselves and … Read more

Understanding The Huge Benefits Of Exercise To Your Brain

exercise and brain

Exercise strengthens your brain so a little sidewalk is all you need to exercise and boost your hippocampus. It’s quite obvious that humans were never created to be physically inactive. We exist in a world that demands us to discover the environment, move about, and the brain ceases to function to its maximum capacity if we don’t respond to … Read more