Is It Better To Fail a Drug Test Or Refuse?

Is It Better To Fail a Drug Test Or Refuse?

It is easy to find yourself in a situation where your employer asks you for a drug test. If you are wondering what happens if you refuse or fail a drug test, this article is for you. Knowing what will happen if the unthinkable occurs can be comforting in some sense but it’s also nerve-wracking … Read more

How To Help Someone Overcome Drug Addiction

drug addiction

Drug addiction is an extremely serious issue, whether it is narcotics of some sort or kind including alcohol. Every year, several thousand lives continue to be taken worldwide by addiction. Sometimes, drug addiction might not only pose a danger to the user but to the people around him/her as well. Drug addiction can destroy professions, … Read more

Are People With Brain Diseases More Likely To Develop Addictions?

addiction and mental health disorders

Are brain diseases associated with alcohol and drug addiction? In the past, people considered addiction to be a flaw in a person’s character. Something that they could control if they wished, but would rather indulge in drugs and alcohol. People who suffered from addiction were often thought to be bad people who only thought about themselves and … Read more

Loneliness: It’s Associated Deadly Health Risks And Management


Loneliness means feeling sad and unhappy about being socially isolated. Loneliness shortens our lifespan, according to science. Twice the proportion of obesity. Yes, you’ve been reading that right. Experts on loneliness, maintain that you are not inoculated by the amount of individuals in your lives from experiencing loneliness. Rather, that puts the brain and body … Read more

Self-Medication: A Deadly Threat To The Culture Of Life


Every human being has the natural instinct of self-preservation. It is our passionate desire to own lives and subsequently flees from things that endanger it such as self-medication. But it is really sad that in contrast to this natural instinct, people now unconsciously take their lives by themselves. Unknowingly committing suicide. it is unethical to … Read more