Do You Use a Pumice Stone Dry or Wet?

Do You Use a Pumice Stone Dry or Wet?

Whether you’re using a pumice stone to smoothen your feet, or it’s in the bathroom cabinet for an at-home pedicure, you might be wondering whether to use the pumice stone dry or wet. The answer to this question will depend on your personal preference and how you like using the product most often. If you … Read more

5 Best Mouthwash For Foot Soak

best mouthwash for foot soak

Looking for the best mouthwash for foot soak? I got your back. Believe me, you didn’t land here by mistake. There are many bottles of mouthwash in the market today promising to do wonders for your foot and hands. Therefore, choosing the right one has become a little tougher. Mouthwash helps the skin slough off … Read more

Can You Use Any Mouthwash For Foot Soak?

mouthwash for foot soak

The use of mouthwash for foot soak has been trending recently. However, people have been trying to see if they can use any mouthwash for the foot soak. The short answer is NO!. Keep reading as I explain why you can’t use any mouthwash for foot soak… Methyl salicylate, contained in some mouthwash is chemically … Read more

Choosing Gymnastics Heel Cups: Top Things To Consider

Gymnastics Heel Cups

Spending your money to buy gymnastics heel cups is a very wise decision for athletes especially those who are prone to heel pain after bouts of physical exercise. Generally, heel inflammation or heel pain is a common cause of Plantar fasciitis. It is a very common problem seen in all athletes participating in some type … Read more