How To Cure Gum Disease Without a Dentist

How To Cure Gum Disease Without a Dentist

When it comes to oral health, our gums often take the back seat until discomfort or problems arise. Gum disease, ranging from the mild form known as gingivitis to the more severe periodontitis, is a prevalent yet often overlooked condition that affects millions worldwide. While a visit to the dentist is crucial for comprehensive care, … Read more

Does Chewing Gums Help Burn Fat?

Does Chewing Gums Help With Cheek Fat?

Is it true that chewing gums can help you burn fat including undesirable cheek fat? Yes, chewing gums can help you lose body and facial fats and even reduce the appearance of a double chin. You read that correctly!. Chewing is a form of exercise that works on the facial muscles which eventually leads to … Read more

6 Awful Oral Health Problems Common To Elderly People

oral health problems in elderly people

Oral health problems deteriorate more as a humans gets older. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how well they take care of their teeth, age plays a major role in the mouth of elderly people causing oral health problems. Chronic diseases and the bulk of oral diseases share similar risk factors. Overall, bad oral health problems in older … Read more

Top 5 Warning Signs Of Periodontal Disease

Signs Of Periodontal Disease and periodontitis

There are many warning signs of periodontal disease you should never ignore. Gum disease is usually caused by plaque or tartar accumulation in the teeth. Periodontal disease (Periodontitis) is an advanced type of gum disease, typically caused by milder gum disease, such as gingivitis when left untreated for some time. Hormonal imbalance, some drugs, and … Read more