Sternberg’s Theory Of Love And The 7 Types of Love

Sternberg’s Theory Of Love And The 7 Types of Love

Love is important for our well-being. When asked to describe love, people will have different answers depending on how they encountered it in their lives. Few scholars have suggested a functional theory of the meaning of love. At the end of the 1980s, the psychologist, Dr. Robert Sternberg, created a triangular love theory to describe … Read more

Finding Someone To Love: 9 Solid Tips For You

finding someone to love

You will need to change your world while finding someone to love. Although being genuinely content and fulfilled without a partner is entirely conceivable, there’s something profoundly unique about sharing your life with someone who really loves you and respects you.  If you struggle finding someone to love by yourself, your life could become a complete mess. In … Read more

6 Ways You Are Self-Destroying Your Dating Life

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Just like everything we own can be destroyed by us knowingly or unknowingly, our dating life or relationship life is also susceptible to self-destruction. The manner in which the partners treat themselves can either promote or undermine their relationship. Once you start dating, there are some changes you must make in your lifestyle in order … Read more