How Do You Know If You Passed MEPS Drug Test?

How Do You Know If You Passed MEPS Drug Test?

You have taken the MEPS Drug Test, but you don’t know if it was a success. Passing the MEPS drug test is important for anyone who wants to join the military. If you fail, it’s back to square one. You’ll have to wait a few months before you can try again. The US Department of … Read more

Is It Better To Fail a Drug Test Or Refuse?

Is It Better To Fail a Drug Test Or Refuse?

It is easy to find yourself in a situation where your employer asks you for a drug test. If you are wondering what happens if you refuse or fail a drug test, this article is for you. Knowing what will happen if the unthinkable occurs can be comforting in some sense but it’s also nerve-wracking … Read more

What Is Adrenoleukodystrophy?

What is Adrenoleukodystrophy?

Adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD), sometimes referred to as Addison’s disease or Cerebral sclerosis is a life-threatening genetic condition that primarily affects boys and men. It is a disease that destroys the membrane (myelin sheath) that isolates nerve cells in the brain and affects one in 17,000 people globally. Adrenoleukodystrophy inhibits the ability of your body to break … Read more

Buying Drugs Online? 10 Essential Tips You Need For Your Safety

buying drugs online from online pharmacies

Online pharmacies promise immense savings but many are unauthorized and sell products that are not made efficiently and can include dangerous chemicals that can hurt you. When buying drugs online,  there are many ways to cross-check the genuity of the online pharmacy store This is how to easily purchase generic medications online. Currently, the planet … Read more

9 Key Foods And Beverages To Avoid During Pregnancy

pregancy foods and beverages

Pregnancy for many females is a great experience. Most mothers, however, are not sure of the kinds of foods and beverages to avoid during pregnancy. Here are helpful tips to assist pregnant females stay away from damaging foods and other edible substances e.g beverages. Foods and Beverages That Are Harmful To Pregnant Women AlcoholNo alcohol … Read more