Why Can’t I Use Castor Oil While Menstruating?

Why Can't I Use Castor Oil While Menstruating?

Have you ever wondered about some of the things you’ve heard regarding menstruation and what you should or shouldn’t do during that time? Well, one common question is whether it’s safe to use castor oil while you’re on your period. It might sound a bit puzzling, but it’s important to understand how our bodies work … Read more

How Long Does a Menorrhagia Period Last?

How Long Does a Menorrhagia Period Last?

How long does a menorrhagia period last? This is a question that many women have asked themselves, and might seem difficult to find an answer to. Menorrhagia is the medical term for heavy periods. They typically last for days with some bleeding occurring every day or two. Many people are unaware of menorrhagia as they … Read more

Menstruation: Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions


The subject of menstruation to some individuals is like a tabu. But the world must begin to talk about it and begin to educate females in their homes. Sometimes the craziest are those days of the month. Every female has questions about the time in her mind. Here are a few frequently asked questions that … Read more