6 Awful Oral Health Problems Common To Elderly People

oral health problems in elderly people

Oral health problems deteriorate more as a humans gets older. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how well they take care of their teeth, age plays a major role in the mouth of elderly people causing oral health problems. Chronic diseases and the bulk of oral diseases share similar risk factors. Overall, bad oral health problems in older … Read more

How Long Does It Take For Smoking To Affect Your Teeth?

How Long Does It Take For Smoking To Affect Your Teeth?

The amount of time it takes for smoking to affect your teeth or gums varies due to certain factors such as; the rate at which you smoke, oral hygiene, quality of the cigarette, hydration, diet, etc. At the minimum, it can take about one week to a month of continuous smoking before the effects of … Read more

5 Best Mouthwash For Cigarette Smokers

best mouthwash for smokers

All smokers needs a good mouthwash that can help them fight bacteria, plaque buildup, teeth discoloration and gum diseases. Fortunately, the best mouthwash for cigarette smokers are very easy to get and affordable. Every smoker that cares for his/her oral health must use a mouthwash! You could be putting your gums and mouth at risk … Read more