Does Protein Make You Smell Bad? The Myths And The Truth

Does Protein Make You Smell Bad?

Have you ever noticed a peculiar odor emanating from someone after an intense workout session at the gym? Or perhaps you’ve caught a whiff of an unpleasant scent wafting through the air at a crowded social gathering? In both cases, you might have heard the age-old claim that consuming protein-rich foods can make you smell … Read more

Is Protein Powder Good for Your Liver? How To Use Protein Powder Safely

Is Protein Powder Good for Your Liver?

Protein powder has become a popular supplement for people of all ages and body types, whether for muscle-building, recovery from injury and surgery, or even during pregnancy or a growth spurt. But is it safe for those with fatty liver or other liver issues? In this article, we will discuss the potential harms and benefits … Read more

What Do Protein Shakes Do For Females? The Complete Guide

What Do Protein Shakes Do For Females?

Protein shakes have rapidly become a popular dietary supplement among both men and women. However, as women have different dietary needs, they may find protein shakes to be of particular benefit. Protein shakes can help to boost women’s muscle-building and fat-burning goals, as well as support overall health. In this guide, we will discuss the … Read more

Does Protein Powder Give You Body Odor?

Does Protein Powder Give You Body Odor?

Many people believe that protein powder gives them body odor. It’s often referred to as the “sweaty dieter smell,” and it is much more common for those who train intensely or eat a high-protein diet. Body odor is produced by bacteria that live on the surface of your skin. When you sweat, these bacteria feed … Read more

5 Top Reasons Collagen Protein Must Be Part Of Your Diet

collagen protein

The usage of collagen protein supplements to encourage a healthier life and wellbeing is becoming extremely common among both fitness and beauty enthusiasts. It looks as though this collagen protein is having a complete boost each day and every night. It is of utmost importance that you do your investigation and consider quality when selecting … Read more

Collagen Supplements For Your Skin: Does It Work?

collagen supplements for skin health benefits

Collagen supplements are an essential building block in all your connective tissues – including your bones, ligaments, cartilage, and skin. Collagen is naturally formed in your body, but you may also supplement it with extra collagen in the form of capsules or liquids or by consuming collagen-rich foods. But what can a collagen supplement do … Read more

10 Powerful Health Benefits Of Tiger Nuts You May Not Know

tiger nuts

Tiger nuts have lots of health benefits which millions of people are ignorant of up till date.  Apart from protection from cardiovascular diseases, there so many additional benefits you can derive from these nuts. Some people still don’t know what tiger nut is and that takes us to the next topic… What Are Tiger Nuts? … Read more

Gain Weight Fast: 5 Proven Healthy And Safe Ways

gain weight fast

Overweight or obese individuals are searching for ways to lose weight fast while the skinny ones are searching for ways to gain weight fast. That’s the irony of life. If you are underweight or skinny, you should be concerned. It is as bad to your health as being overweight or obese. Moreover, there are many … Read more