Can You Use Bondic On Teeth? Get The Facts Before You Try

Can You Use Bondic On Teeth?

You might have seen a lot of posts about Bondic online recently. It says that it can be used on your teeth. But how true is this? Can you use Bondic to repair your teeth? Bondic is originally meant for home improvement, car repair, and other uses. If you want to use it on your … Read more

Too much sugar in the blood and 8 signs you shouldn’t ignore

too much sugar

Too much sugar is very sweet. It’s really delicious, and nobody can deny it. But despite its sweetness, it comes with loads of health hazards. You may not want to use it again once you know all the hazards that sucrose brings to your body. Consuming too much added sugar can have many harmful effects … Read more

Sugar Lovers: 6 Common Dental Tips To Avoid Teeth Problems

sugar lovers dental tips

Snacks or sugar-flavoured foods are consumed regularly by sugar lovers and they are often tasty and nice. Just like the bacteria present in the human mouth, what’s inside sugar can have a damaging effect on your teeth. Sugar lovers like adding a bit more sugar to their daily diet as a way to perk up … Read more