Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative

Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative is a Non- Governmental Organization based in Nigeria, with Her Head Office at Auchi, Edo State, and a branch office at Ede, Osun State.

The organization is passionate about and committed to improving the status of the teenage girl child.

Research has shown that, apart from the fact that the teenage girl suffers both physically and emotionally, the medical consequences surpasses and seems to be even more detrimental. Owing to the insufficient parental care and in most cases total abandonment, the pregnant teen is less likely to receive adequate prenatal care and even when she does, usually late. This trend may likely result in:

  1. Premature births and/or low birth weight.
  2. Stillbirth.
  3. Health challenges and/or developmental delay of the child.
  4. Severe complications like prolonged or obstructed labour as a result of the underdeveloped pelvis and/or improper positioning of the fetus requiring quick Caesarian Section and if unavailable may result in OBSTETRIC FISTULA (a tear in the birth canal that causes leakage of urine and/or faeces).
  5. Maternal morbidity and mortality.

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Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative was born out of desire to protect the teenage girl child from these kinds of pitiful conditions.

Some pictures from events held by Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative

Interview With Otono Rafat Garuba, Founder and Executive Director of Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative

Below is the interview Nedufy had with the Founder and Executive Director of Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative:

Tell Us Your Full Name

I’m Otono Rafat Garuba.

Otono Rafat Garuba – Founder and Executive Director of Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative

Who is Otono Rafat Garuba?

Smiles… Otono Rafat Garuba is the founder and Executive Director of Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative. TGCSDI is an NGO that focuses on the teenage girl child especially teen girls. Our mission is to improve the status of the teenage girl child through educative, informative and enlightenment programmes with the aim to understand their challenges and proffer possible solutions.

What Brought About TGCSDI?

Well, Teenage Girl Child Support and Development Initiative was born from the passion to bring about a better world with the teenage girl child being involved and given every possible enablement to emerge and function to full capacity. Women are the makers and builders of society and the teenage period is the most critical and most challenging stage in a person’s life.

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At TGCSDI, we define teenage as the stage where a person passes from Childhood, journeys through Adolescence and gradually approaches Adulthood. Invariably, it is the Defining, Decision-making and Determining stage in a person’s life. Marrying these three makes it imperative to help the young teenage girl child through this very challenging stage in their lives. 

From Your Experience, What Are The Major Challenges That The Teenage Girl Child Are Faced With?

Well, a lot and very worthy of mention are the aspects of:

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.
  • Education and Empowerment
  • Sexual Assaults/Rape
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Unhealthy Gender Discrimination
  • Underage Marriage

Child Labour as in the Maid Practice System with young teens have become a norm in our society. In fact, the list is endless. I realize that a lot of people talk about the “Girl Child” but there isn’t much focus on the very vital “Girl Child Population” i.e. teen girls.

What Are The Things You Do For Teen Girls?

As in our aims and objectives, we organise various programmes to educate and empower them. We also execute several projects to further enhance their abilities and potentials. Example of such is our BEEVS (Basic Elementary Education and Vocation Scheme) where we provide basic education for underprivileged girls and also provide them with various vocational skills. Also, note that vocational skills are also open to school girls during weekends.

Another very important project is our GIFT A GIRL A PAD project where we provide girls with sanitary pads.

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We also provide counselling services for girls (individual and group counselling).

What New Project Are You Working On Presently?

Okay, very recently, we started the new project which is to commence in June this year “Star of the month” where we celebrate and promote young ladies of 35 years and below doing something spectacular yet unnoticed.

The aim is to encourage them while having them inspire the teenage girl child.

Any Future Project?

Yes, in fact, a lot so, keep your fingers crossed.

What Are Your Challenges?

Hmm…well our major challenge is funding, getting sponsorship and volunteers. Most times, I personally finance our project with almost no external financial support at all and it hasn’t been easy. So, I’ll say our major challenge is funding. 

How Can People Support?

Every donation can be sent to:

Account Name: Teenage Girl Child Sup & Dev Ini

Account Number: 0452172950

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank)

How Can You Be Reached?

We can be reached via:

Our website: www.teenagegirlchild.org

Email: teenagegirlchild2018@gmail.com

Our mobile: +2347061948907

Lastly, Any Message To Readers?

Absolutely! Dear readers, the world is a beautiful place if only we add colour to it. It doesn’t matter how dim your light might be but if we all shine our light, the world will be so bright for everyone. Giving is Living and it’s only nice to Live before we Leave. Thank you.

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Final Words

Organizations like TGCSDI that help make the lives of underprivileged teenage girl child better deserve much helps from well concerned and well-meaning individuals all over the world.

Nigeria and Africa at large have a high rate of child abuse and no help from the government. If you have a good home to protect you, healthy food to eat and good clothes to wear, you must feel blessed because there are many teens who suffer to meet their basic needs and necessities. Most of us are blessed but we should take one step forward to eradicate teenage girl child abuse by extending our helping hands to them through TGCSDI. 

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