Thinking About Cheating? 9 Signs Of a Potential Cheater

Is your partner thinking about cheating on you? How do you find out if your partner is a potential cheater? Are there signs that your partner is thinking about cheating on you?. Continue reading to find out answers to these burning questions!

Your partner may already be thinking about cheating – even though they haven’t done it. After all, cheating begins with a thought and then ends in execution. You need to be able to understand the possibility of cheating going on in their minds if you want to prevent the actual act of them cheating on you.

One of these signs alone might not be enough to excuse the fear of cheating, but then again… it’s better safe than sorry. Most of these signs of a partner thinking about cheating are usually not present in a natural and healthy relationship.

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They need to be fixed, whether they point to adultery or just a wish for a better relationship.

9 Signs Your Partner Is Thinking About Cheating On You

To find out if your partner is likely to cheat on you or is thinking about it, you really need to watch out for these early signs and stop it on time to save your relationship. They are:

They Compare You To Someone Else

If your partner compares you to the new movie star, their ex, or even a restaurant waitress, you have a problem. Comparing you with someone else means comparing your positive and bad attributes against someone else’s. The only reason they’d do that is to justify how they feel about you, or to show you that you’re not measuring up to what they’re expecting.

If they’re already thinking like this, maybe they’re looking for something different from you. Someone who has a better sense of humor or someone who has a particular body style – the point is that it could be something that someone else has already found and is trying to bring out of you.

This is usually the most obvious sign he or she is thinking about cheating on you!

They Talk About How Someone Else Understand Them Better Than You

Everyone likes to be understood, and it may not be that they are best understood by this person. Perhaps they listen to them better than you do and thus make them feel as if they understand them better.

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At this point, you need to recognize that your listening abilities might not be as strong as you think, and your partner clearly needs someone to understand and listen to them. Try to be that person.

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They Flirt Seriously With Someone Else

This is yet another serious sign a partner is thinking about cheating. Flirting randomly is one thing but flirting constantly with a particular person is a serious issue.

Any kind of subtle flirting is normal. If anyone makes them feel attractive or heard, it might be normal to beat an eye or take a pose that shows off their best side. It’s instinctive, and it doesn’t mean they’re thinking about cheating.

But when the flirting becomes blatant and unjustified, you need to think about it. For example, if you continuously catch your partner staring at someone else or trying to catch their attention or just sneak a glance, then you should worry.

husband thinking about cheating

Or if you notice your partner is touching someone else, you should think about it. Personal contact should be left to embraces and handshakes, not to touch when talking – that’s an intimate gesture and a sure sign he or she is thinking about cheating or is a potential cheat.

Reduced/Lack of Sex or Intimacy

When two people are in love, affection and/or sex naturally takes place. If a partner is beginning to lose interest in sex or intimacy, it could be a sign he or she is thinking about cheating or is already cheating on you.

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This is particularly true if there are no prior issues in the relationship. If nothing else, this conduct suggests some sort of mental or physical disconnection. Physical communication is essential to a healthy relationship. If you’re facing this question, you may want to have a serious conversation with your partner.

They Have a Lot of Common Interests With Someone Else

They share a mutual interest with someone of the opposite sex and they usually hang out a lot. The chances that they will build a relationship with this individual are great, and the chances that the bond will lead to feelings of attraction are greater.

They Enjoy Being Away From You

If you ever notice this sign, you need to act quickly as your partner is thinking about cheating. I’ve seen this trait in a friend of mine in the past. She loved being away from her husband so she could behave the way she wanted to and do what she wanted to do. She couldn’t wait to get away from him, finally! And yes, she cheated on him a couple of times. Today, the marriage is a waste!

If your partner is feeling relieved about the fact that they’re going to be away from you, they’re enjoying their time alone more than they’re doing with you. Possibly for the same reason that I was talking about above. They can act the way they want to act, and they can do anything they want without your prying eyes on them.

Working late, going out with your friends, taking business trips on their own, taking holidays with your friends alone – all these things can be natural if they’re done once in a while, but not when they’re done constantly without your partner.

They Share Intimate Details with Someone Else

When your partner shares personal information with someone else, they’re creating an emotional bond. Especially if you share information about your personal relationship. Some people call it an emotional affair. If this happens, it can easily transform from an emotional affair to a physical affair.

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They Talk Too Negative About Someone

Complaining about the guy or girl who makes their life a living hell is all right, but if they’re always complaining about someone who’s the opposite sex—negatively or positively—then you’ve got an issue.

Constant talking about others means that they’re always on their minds, too. They need to think about them in order to talk about them. There’s no other way to do that.

So, if you notice that they’re focused on someone, then chances are they’ve got them on their brain a little bit, and maybe it’s because they’re battling an attraction to that person by trying to talk negatively about them or maybe they’re trying to make you think they’re feeling negative towards them to cover up their feelings of attraction.

They Guard Their Mobile Devices or Computer

Nobody wants to get their phone tampered with. However, it’s not strange to meddle with your partner’s phone in a serious relationship or marriage. It’s not that big of a deal, either, unless they either have something to hide, or they’re just in a bad mood. If your partner starts becoming overly protective of his phone or computer, something fishy is going on or about to.

These are the major signs your partner is thinking about cheating on you.

What To Do If You See These Signs of a Potential Cheater?

If you don’t think your partner is cheating on you, but you see signs of possible cheating, then you need to take action.

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Start fixing your relationship in places that need to be improved. I recommend meeting your sweet – but there’s a lot of relationship aid books out there, and there are also counselors if you feel like that’s the direction you need to go.


It’s a matter of taking action on your relationship before it’s too late. If you see these possible signs that your partner is thinking about cheating and sit around with your fingers crossed that your partner can’t cheat on you, then you’re rolling the dice of chance.

Don’t regret not taking any action now and potentially losing your partner in the future!

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