Too much sugar in the blood and 8 signs you shouldn’t ignore

Too much sugar is very sweet. It’s really delicious, and nobody can deny it. But despite its sweetness, it comes with loads of health hazards. You may not want to use it again once you know all the hazards that sucrose brings to your body.

Consuming too much added sugar can have many harmful effects on your health. An abundance of sweetened foods and beverages, among other hazardous conditions, may lead to weight gain, blood sugar issues and increased risk of heart disease.

How To Know If You Consume Too Much Sugar

How do you know you’re consuming much sugar with these said? Read on;

1. Weight Gain
Sugar does not have a significant nutrient other than its surplus calories. It causes your body to release insulin hormone when you eat a lot of sugar. This hormone plays a major role in diabetes and weight gain.

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2. Teeth Cavities
Sucrose is the primary cause of teeth cavities, particularly the molars. The bacteria between your teeth works to produce enzymes that cause tooth decay and cavities when you eat too sugary foods.

3. Insomnia
Eating foods with too much sugar late in the night could lead to a rush of energy at a moment when we should focus on slowing down and preparing the body to rest. The happy hormone, serotonin, is mainly generated in the intestine and is crucial for the manufacturing of melatonin – the ‘relaxation’ hormone – needed to help you sleep healthy at night. If you’re someone who has trouble sleeping, it may assist to decrease your diet’s sucrose and make your intestine settled.

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4. Prematurely Wrinkled Skin
Too much sucrose could prematurely cause your skin to form wrinkles. This is because sugar reacts on your bloodstream with proteins forming advanced glycation endproducts (AGEs) that harm the skin’s structure. This ultimately results to premature aging.

5. Joint Pains
Too much sugar has been associated with pain in the joints or arthritis. People with five or more sweetened beverages a day may be suffering from this issue. However, this does not necessarily imply that sugar creates arthritis, but it may be the reason for your pain.

6. Unexplained Bloating
Less desirable bacteria and yeast, when fermenting our undigested food in the colon, generates the gas; methane. Bad bacteria enjoy eating sugars in particular, while beneficial bifidobacteria that love veggies are not thought to generate any gas. After eating, an overproduction of gas can lead to pain, unpleasant bloating and flatulence.

7. Low Energy Level
You will experience a surge in energy when you consume sugar, and then the energy levels will drop rapidly after a short time. This makes you feel tired and moody until you get your sugar back. Sugar is found in abundance in foods such as soft drinks, cakes, cookies, ice cream and sugar itself.

8. Reduced Sexual Activity
On date night, you may want to skip sugar because sugar can affect the chain of activities necessary for an erection. One prevalent side effect in the bloodstream of chronically high sugar concentrations is that it can make people impotent. This is because it impacts your circulatory system, which regulates your entire body’s blood flow and needs to function correctly to get and maintain an erection.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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It can have many adverse health impacts to eat too much sucrose. Excess sweetened foods and drinks can lead, among other hazardous foods, to weight gain, blood sugar issues, and enhanced risk of heart disease. For these reasons, whenever possible, sugar should be kept to a minimum, which is easy if you follow a healthy diet based on whole food.

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