Top Healthcare Marketing Tips for your Business in 2023

In recent years we have seen a monumental shift in the way people market their business, with the growing number of internet users each day. 

Now it is easier to share information and grow as an online business. Many people in 2023 are using the internet for almost everything, from a search of their pet food to their health. Your future patients could be going through the Google search page when they look for an appointment for their next check-up. 

As a result, there is no surprise that the majority of healthcare companies are spending tons of money on marketing their brands in the digital space. Today we will be sharing tips on marketing a healthcare business online for client acquisition and outreach. 

Marketing Tips To Grow Your Healthcare Business Online 

Content Marketing

When you are on the internet, content is the king. Content marketing helps in increasing the conversion as it educates your lead and customers about your product. You are not only working towards building a good relationship with your customers, but you are also encouraging them by providing them with the right information. Your audience needs this information to make an educated purchasing decision.

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With the help of content marketing, you can quickly get new leads in a much more cost-friendly way. In comparison to traditional marketing techniques, content marketing strategies such as video marketing cost 62% less. This type of affordability makes it an excellent tool for businesses with a small marketing budget. 

For healthcare business, loyal customers are always an advantage when you provide great content, which gives some kind of value to your customer than you are establishing yourself as a power brand advocate. 

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can help you edge out the competitors from the result page in a natural way to make your brand stand out to your potential clients. SEO will give you an advantage of ranking higher for particular keywords such as urgent care near me, walk-in clinic, hospitals near me, women’s health clinic, etc., which your clients might search for when they are looking for a healthcare facility online.

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In 2020 more than 77% of the patients first, go through the search engine results before making an appointment at a hospital. Thus, healthcare needs to get a hold on these numbers and benefit from them by making your website visible to your potential customers. 

Lead acquisition is the common goal for all healthcare businesses, and SEO brings the upward tick by targeting medical keywords that have already sparked a conversion in the past. When working on an SEO campaign, you need to think of yourself as a potential patient. 

Make A Website That Works For You 

You don’t think about opening your office doors for your customers before you are done with the decoration of your office, right? In the same way, a professionally designed website filled with the proper information for your customers with easy to navigate buttons tells more about your practices than a simple description.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

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You need to create pages for various services that your healthcare facility provides. Also, make sure you put them according to their importance. As a result, it can give your website an excellent boost for service-related information and give your clients a glimpse of what makes your hospital unique. 

Do not shy away from providing answers to some essential questions in your service pages. Some of the common issues are, what kind of insurance cards does your hospital accept? Charges for the routine check-up? And how to set up an appointment with the doctor? These will work as a call to action buttons resulting in your potential customer to give you a call. 

Get On Social Media 

Do not neglect the power of social media; it extends to all industries, and healthcare is no exception to its influencing power. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter can help you reach millennials and give your healthcare brand recognition on online platforms. Thus, helping you to drive more traffic and leads to your website.

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Many brands don’t think of Instagram as a convenient market to invest in. But with an average of 28 minutes of screentime for 1 billion users. It can help you reach your potential customers more quickly—well-defined demographic information such as the age which you can fix above 55 years. A specific network can give you a significant boost to the right engagement and increase your brand awareness.

You can also do paid medical promotions on social media with medical keywords and make your viewers go directly to the healthcare appointment fixture page.  Make the best use of a video marketing guide and make a short video for your social media platforms. People these days prefer watching over reading so use the most effective way to market.

Local Google Maps Listings

According to the Google report, more than 56% of the google searches on the go comes with local intent. These are some of the essential search results for which a healthcare business needs to go after. 

When you have your healthcare facility listed on Google Maps, you will surely get more patients from the internet. This statement has become more prominent as more and more people are now using Google Maps for reaching medical healthcare centers. These maps use listings of the recommended hospitals to help people reach their destination in a short time.

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On the other hand, you can use geotagging locations on your Instagram and Facebook posts to get more local traffic at your healthcare doorstep. 

Online Appointment Booking

In the old times before the explosion of the internet on our smartphones, patients would have to make a call to fix their appointment with a doctor. But now, to stay ahead of the competitors, you need to be a little different and integrate an online appointment booking system on your website. 

It is also known as a self-scheduling process, which can help you draw more patients to your healthcare center without making it necessary for the patients to first get in touch with customer service on a phone call. This can save a lot of time and money for both the patient and the healthcare facility. 


The future promises a great deal of success to the healthcare markets that will harness digital healthcare marketing power and help in finding a more significant ROI in the coming years. 

It doesn’t matter if you are a new healthcare business, or your healthcare facility has been around for a few years. These online marketing strategies will surely increase your site traffic and give you better leads in the future. 

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