What Attracts Men to Women (3 Proven Points)

What attracts men to women might seem like a difficult question to answer but believe me, the answer you seek is already known to you deep down in your heart. Rather, I will say the answer is more complicated than you might think because men are different. Therefore, what works for Mr A might not work for Mr B.

There is a popular saying that “Men are moved by what they see and women are moved by what they hear”. Well, I support the above-mentioned statement. However, there will never be an easy way to answer this question when it comes to what attracts men to women.

Every man’s taste varies, just like every woman’s taste. That means that what one man finds desirable and sexy about you can be what another man finds repulsive and disgusting.

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But then we can all accept that in women, there are many basic attributes that men find attractive. Before moving further to address some specific characteristics that attract men to women, I will begin by discussing the common features that every man will find welcoming.

3 Proven factors That Attracts Men To Women?

There are three fundamental characteristics that attracts men to women uniformly all over the world. They are discussed in details below:

Physical Appearance

People say things like “I’m attracted to intelligent women” or “I’m drawn to slender women” or something else, but the truth remains that physical attraction is always the first of all forms of attraction. 

Not because the chubby woman is not pretty or has no great personality, but because, of course, thin and shapely women are considered more desirable by men than their tall, confident, and pretty counterparts.

The first thing that comes to the mind of a guy, based on how the fat lady appears, is that she doesn’t care for her appearance and does not take good care of her body.

But, on the other hand, the Slender Lady is known to have what it takes to turn a man’s head. And even, in bed, the Slim lady may be very versatile and can try different sex positions. Sounds funny right? Well, take it or leave it, it’s one of those things that attract men to women. Slim women are easier to play with because they are energetic and easily move about. Fat women are taken to be lazy and hardly carry their body. So, they usually turn out to be good at conversations but bad at physical play.

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Personal care is the takeaway from this first chapter. Even if you do not have the form of a model, it is important to pay attention to how you look. As long as you strive not only to be flawless on the inside, but also on the outside, you will certainly get the kind of attention you deserve or want from men.

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what attracts men to women is the appearance
appearance attracts men to women

This is not to fire darts with the self-confidence of others. I accept that many factors contribute to the shaping of the body and looks of a woman. The looks of a woman can be influenced by factors such as diet, childbirth, aging, and even medical conditions. But still, without striving too hard, there are some little things you can do to make yourself physically appealing. You can lose weight faster than you think.

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Being Approachable

Now, while one thing is being visually desirable, being physically available is another. I’m a strong believer that “the environment in which you are determines what you will attract”.

Using children as an example; children know that when their parents do not look nice or are in a bad mood, they do not approach them with questions or demands. In the same vein; men often read women’s facial expressions and do not approach them when they do not look like they want to be approached. I know you understand my point clearly.

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No man will want to walk up to such women and be turned down. This is because women who always look angry or who never wear a smile, no matter how perfectly shaped they are or how beautifully they wear their makeup or dresses are deemed unapproachable and more like to turn down a man. This is from a man’s perspective.

Still on this matter; the look on their face is not welcoming even though they are physically beautiful. They would be considered less beautiful than women who are not as hot as they are but put on a smiling face.

The lesson in this second part is to appear approachable. Make sure that you have a smile on your face no matter where you are, no matter how you are dressed. It is really helpful and meaningful here if I say “You are never fully dressed unless you wear a smile”.

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He or she becomes repulsive to other humans when a woman or even a man wears a frown, and no one wants to be around an angry or unhappy person. There is still enough bitterness and sorrow in the world; every simple smile is enough to magnify as many people as possible.

Body Language

So, how about when a woman is physically attractive and also approachable, but gives no indication of interest? This, too, is a deciding factor. Some women will often look nice and not wear a frown, but will not offer any indication that they are interested in getting to know you, let alone getting intimate with you.

body language attracts men to women
body language attracts men to women

Men are moved by what they see, as we have previously discussed, so when a woman gives body language or signs that suggest a man’s sexual or other desires, it is easier for that man to pick an interest in her as well.

Do not get me wrong; this is not to suggest that you have to be sexually provocative, to become attractive to a man, not at all. What I’m trying to say here is that you need to act like that if you want a certain kind of publicity, but at the same time, don’t act desperately or stupidly.

Illustration 1: Just imagine a woman sitting at a bar, smiling back at a man staring at her, and softly sipping a glass of wine with a smile. Most probably, without even trying too hard, this type of woman can get the man walking right up to her.

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Illustration 2: Then imagine another woman with the same glass of wine sitting at the same bar, not smiling, not frowning, and looking away. Few men might still go out of their way to approach this lady, but most men can quickly let go of any physical attraction they already have towards her because their body language doesn’t tell them that she’s interested in having a conversation.

The lesson here is to make sure you show signs that say “I’m interested”.

These are the three fundamental aspects that attracts men to women uniformly.

There are, however, some special characteristics that men can also find very appealing. These specific characteristics include how a woman moves, speaks, the level of intellect of a woman (Sapiosexual), charm, and stuff like how she speaks, smells, and her personality as well.

Key Factors That Attracts Men To Women

The things that physically attracts men to women are:

  • Physical appearance
  • Approachability
  • Body language

Other things that men find attractive are:

  • Smile
  • Smell
  • The way a woman walks
  • The way a woman talks
  • Sense of reasoning
  • Sense of humour

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Final Words

I’m sure now you see that you were actually getting what you were offering. What attracts men to women is just a simple answer after all. So, if you want to attract men, make sure that you have provided a man-catching physical appearance.

Make sure that your attitude and other fundamental aspects about your attitude are safe enough to retain the kind of attention you want to retain in order to sustain that attention.

I hope you’ve found this article on what attracts men to women very useful. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment telling us what you think or add other tips below.

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