What Is Dental Practice Insurance? Why Do I Need It?

Dental practice insurance can save your business from downtime, financial loss and other dangers. It is crucial you get your dental practice insurance today and save your means of livelihood.

As a dentist and dental practice owner, you are dedicated to providing your patients with the best treatment which needs a significant investment in your staff, your patient-friendly office and state-of-the-art equipment, just to name a few.

What if either of those critical things, such as harm to your office or facilities, were to happen? And what if there is harm to a patient or client at the office? Have you sufficiently protected your new dental practice insurance with all of the particular threats that you face?

Unfortunately, bad things happen to good people, and if that would be the case for you and your dental practice act quickly by getting your own dental practice insurance.

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Dental practice insurance for dentists was put in place to provide comprehensive coverage to protect you from such dangers.

What is dental practice insurance?

Dental practice insurance is a policy that protects your legal liability to your patients, clients or employees in case they become hurt at work or are sick as a result of the job they perform for you. The insurance would bear the expenses of the civil protection and will compensate the workplace benefits because you have been reckless. It also covers your office facilities.

You may be left vulnerable to a number of threats as a dental professional. For instance, a patient may ride off your machinery and hurt themselves or the facilities could be destroyed due to poor weather. Therefore, getting the correct dental practice insurance is an indispensable safety net for your dental work.

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Dental practice insurance was designed to protect your means of livelihood from unforeseen events that could expose your you to financial loss. The dental profession poses several specific threats, ensuring that personalized dental practice insurance is acquired is important to help you perform your duties without fear.

What Does The Dental Practice Insurance Cover?

As careful as you may be, accidents do occur, which is why dental insurance is a must to cover all your trading activities. In addition to securing the property and facilities, you would still need to compensate for the risks for customers visiting the property and the staff you hire.

dental policy for patients

The different areas covered by dental practice insurance includes:

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

Dental Practice Liability Insurance

Public liability insurance will protect you if a client or patient trips, crashes, or falls within your property, which will also cover whatever they will gain as compensation.

Employer’s liability insurance will cover you in the case of an incident at work with a member of staff which will, therefore, compensate expenses arising from that.

Dental Practice Business Interruption Insurance

If you suffer any form of damage to your workplace as a result of an insured event that makes you unable to practice, business interruption insurance can safeguard your profit while you get back up and running and cover your business expenses.

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This will even offer protection to enable you to work from other premises on a temporary basis while you get back on your feet.

Dental Surgery Building Insurance

Dental operation policies will usually provide covers for dental surgery premises, dental practice contents and professional equipments would even be expanded to include medical supplies.

Many insurance plans for dental surgery would cover a variety of incidents like accident, robbery, flood and storm among several other perils.

Dental Practice Specialist Equipment

Furthermore, you may require extra protection to cover specialized machinery against failure, and some of the devices may need regular maintenance.

This electronics inspection cover to insure your company has security. The experts may also have guidelines for addressing workplace injuries and professional malpractice.

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How much does dental practice insurance cost?

Dental insurance premiums depend on the plans you select, scale of the operation, risk exposure and other variables.

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Among small dental clinics, the typical price of a regular $1,000,000/$2,000,000 General Liability Insurance package varies from $57 to $79 a month depending on location, capacity, staff, revenue and expertise.

For a business owner’s insurance, dentists pay a median fee of less than $100 a month, or $1,185 per annum.

For worker’s compensation insurance, dental professionals pay a median rate of around $65 a month, or $785 per annum.

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Dental practice insurance in UK

In the UK, general dental practice insurance includes up to £1000 per annum for routine damages, about £700 per annum for employee compensation insurance, up to £600 per annum for emergency cover, and up to £700 for dental injury.

However, these figures vary greatly across different regions. Other factors include the plans you choose, size of the operation, risk exposure, etc.


Running a dental practice has its own specific set of challenges which must be put in proper check with well-tailored dental practice insurance. So, finding an insurance agent and program that’s right for you is essential.

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