Can Alcohol Cause Hormonal Imbalance?

can alcohol cause hormonal imbalance?

Alcohol is responsible for destroying many essential body parts like the liver, kidneys, and brain which results in hormonal imbalance. For daily body function, all of these organs are essential and require the production and release of hormones. As you would probably imagine, destroying these body parts by prolonged use of alcohol would lead to … Read more

Hangover: 9 Effective Ways To Recover Quickly & Prevent It

hangover from alcohol intake

Hangover begins when blood alcohol levels begin to fall. In addition, according to some experts, the worst symptoms occur when the amount is zero. The medical term for hangovers is Veisalgia. The risk of Veisalgia increases significantly when too much alcohol is consumed. The hangover appears to show its effects after all the alcohol has … Read more

Loneliness: It’s Associated Deadly Health Risks And Management


Loneliness means feeling sad and unhappy about being socially isolated. Loneliness shortens our lifespan, according to science. Twice the proportion of obesity. Yes, you’ve been reading that right. Experts on loneliness, maintain that you are not inoculated by the amount of individuals in your lives from experiencing loneliness. Rather, that puts the brain and body … Read more