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Nedufy.com is devoted to providing you with the highest quality online health information Nedufy provides readers with a bunch of health-related data in the clearest,  and easiest vocabulary to comprehend (English), so it’s fun and very transparent to the readers. The material contained on this platform is about cancer health, diseases, weight loss, and mental and bodily wellness exercise. Thank you for showing interest to write for nedufy.


Write and submit your posts Only if it’s related to what we majorly blog about here which include:

  • Health and fitness
  • Diseases, types and cure
  • Gaining and losing weight
  • Healthy living tips
  • Food and Fruits
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • Health News/Outbreak
  • Lifestyle advice


Please note, in order for us to accept your post, certain guidelines must be strictly observed: such as:

  1. Post Length: Your post must be long enough to be called a blog post, although we think in quality more than the number of words it contains. But kindly note that your post’s duration must be at least 400 words.
  2. Original Content: We are asking for unique and original posts. We do not acknowledge articles that have been posted or identified online elsewhere (not even on your private website) or that you are planning to spread to other outlets.
  3. Misleading Posts: Please Note That you are Not Allowed to Link to A Sales Page, A redirecting page to Mislead our readers. (If you must, contact us first).
  4. Health Claims: Please include a link to the source if you mention statistics or research in your article. If you claim that a certain food is good for health, tell us how you know it. Ideally, you would be linking to peer-reviewed science articles, scholarly newspapers and/or reliable media sources. This direction, if you want to learn more, readers can pursue your line of reasoning and further explore.
  5. Advertisement: We do not accept posts written solely for the purpose of advertising a product, Affiliate or some paid services.
  6. Self-Promotion: We don’t need any guest posts telling the world how great you are or a client is.
  7. Replying to Comments: We take this seriously, make sure at least to respond to 2-5 comments on your post before you leave the rest for the site admin.
  8. Must have Valid Email Address: The email address you provided while submitting your article to nedufy must be valid.
  9. References: It’s recommended that you add references to your article.

Please Have it in mind that by submitting your guest post, we Have the Right

  • To edit you Post
  • Decline your post
  • Nofollow any/ all links in your post
  • Article published on our site with not be deleted unless our editor see reason(s) to.
  • Edit your post title

Please Note Once Again that by submitting to us, you acknowledge that you accept our terms and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the Nedufy editorial team.


  • Make sure you meet all the guidelines and requirements.
  • Write and Submit your Guest Post to us using the Contact Us page.
  • We will then review and if it meets our requirement it will be published within 3 days, so please be patient.


  • You didn’t meet up with our Guild line and requirement
  • You are linking to a page we are not accepting Guest post from.
  • Your post didn’t pass copyscape.
  • You are recommending health product with no medical proof.

Reason not stated above?

Contact us right away with the title of your post and username: send email to admin@nedufy.com

Last edited on 04/04/2020