Does Anxiety Disqualify You From The Military?

Does Anxiety Disqualify You From The Military?

When it comes to military service, mental health plays a vital role in the well-being and effectiveness of individuals in uniform. The military demands resilience, adaptability, and a strong capacity to handle stress and pressure. Given the prevalence of anxiety disorders in today’s society, it’s natural to wonder how anxiety impacts one’s eligibility to serve … Read more

How To Help Someone Overcome Drug Addiction

drug addiction

Drug addiction is an extremely serious issue, whether it is narcotics of some sort or kind including alcohol. Every year, several thousand lives continue to be taken worldwide by addiction. Sometimes, drug addiction might not only pose a danger to the user but to the people around him/her as well. Drug addiction can destroy professions, … Read more

5 Ways Weed (Marijuana) Damages Your Body

weed smoking is dangerous

Weed (marijuana) is a mixture of the Cannabis sativa plant’s shredded leaves, stems and flower buds. You can smoke, eat, vaporize, brew and even take marijuana topically, but most individuals smoke it. Today, for leisure reasons, thousands of young people smoke marijuana. Although it has been shown that this herb has a number of health … Read more