Hormone Therapy For Cancer Treatment? 4 Key Points To Know

Hormone Therapy For Cancer Treatment

Hormone therapy for cancer is an extremely effective way of helping to control and cope with major forms of cancer. While it is seen as a modern procedure, it has a past that dates back to the mid-1900s when George Thomas Beatson successfully administered endocrine therapy to treat breast cancer. While it’s been a long … Read more

13 Solid Zobo Drink Health Benefits You Must Know

zobo drink health benefits

Zobo drink health benefits are probably too many that you probably don’t know some of them yet. Zobo drink is a popular beverage in Nigeria and Africa at large. It is produced from dried Roselle leaves (Hibiscus Sabdariffa). Its name is derived from the Hausa name of the Hibiscus plant “Zoborodo”. It is bright red … Read more

Black Toenail Cancer: Things You Must Know

black toenail cancer

Black toenail cancer is the same sort of cancer (melanoma) found on any part of your body, except that they have grown under your nail. Black toenail cancer is also known as subungal melanoma. The term “subungal” simply means “under the nail”. If you’ve been wearing nail polish for many years or not taken too … Read more

12 Cancer-fighting Foods That Should Be Eaten Regularly

foods that fight cancer

No single diet completely protects people from cancer. The term cancer-fighting foods refer to foods that, if a person adds them to their diet, may reduce the risk of developing cancer. Some risk factors for cancer, such as genetics and the environment, are out of your control, but research suggests that about 70% of your … Read more

Breastfeeding Health Benefits For Baby And Mother

breastfeeding health benefits

Breastfeeding health benefits encompasses both mother and child. Breastfeeding is the normal way of providing young infants with the nutrients they need for healthy growth and development according to WHO. As the embryo grows in the womb and passes several phases in its growth, the secretion of multiple hormones impacts the physiological and physical condition … Read more

Palm Wine And Its 6 Solid Health Benefits & Side Effects

palm wine

Palm wine is a very common local alcoholic beverage in Africa. Due to its intoxicating impact, most individuals take other alcohol, but this beverage is extremely more medicinal.It may not be surprising to say that palm wine is fortified with sugar, bacteria, and yeast (which causes fermentation), but it is surprising when nutrients such as … Read more

Breast Cancer: Facts, Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

breast cancer

Breast cancer has become a fatal disease that terrorizes many people especially women. Cancer, in general, has become more dreaded than HIV/AIDS. Most cancers are incurable. There are various types of cancer (prostate cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer, blood cancer, breast cancer, bone cancer etc are to name a few) few of which the scientists have … Read more

Walnuts And Their 16 Surprising Health Benefits You Should Know


The health benefits of Walnuts extends to the cardiovascular system (heart), cancer, skeletal system (bones), inflammation, metabolism, astringency (soft tissue binding), diabetes, the skin, sleep, brain, stress, weight loss, and mood boosting.. Walnuts are healthy, sweet and natural snack. Before I go on to show you how walnuts are able to do all these, let’s … Read more