Why Do You Take Testosterone Boosters At Night?

Why Do You Take Testosterone Boosters At Night?

This is a question that I hear from many people and it’s one of the few questions that are difficult to answer. You see, before you start asking about testosterone boosters, first ask yourself why do you take them? If your goal is to build muscle with anabolic compounds such as Testosterone or Dianabol (Dbol), … Read more

Too much sugar in the blood and 8 signs you shouldn’t ignore

too much sugar

Too much sugar is very sweet. It’s really delicious, and nobody can deny it. But despite its sweetness, it comes with loads of health hazards. You may not want to use it again once you know all the hazards that sucrose brings to your body. Consuming too much added sugar can have many harmful effects … Read more

Insomnia During Pregnancy: 5 Proven Ways To Fall Asleep

Insomnia During Pregnancy

Insomnia during pregnancy occurs to many women when they get pregnant and their body starts to change. While for some, when they were first pregnant, falling asleep seemed so easy and they take advantage of every opportunity to nap, go to bed early, or sleep in. However, as their body changes and the months pass, … Read more

4 Sleeping Disorders And Their Shocking Health Risks

sleep disorders and mental health

Sleep is essential to a healthy lifestyle, just as eating, exercising and breathing are. Sleep quality matters in the same way as the number of hours. Sleeplessness causes impairment, and it also triggers sleeping disorders (insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy, sleep paralysis, etc) which will, in turn, trigger certain medical conditions. It is necessary to get … Read more

Side Effects Of Caffeine On The Body You Must Know

sides effects of caffeine

Everyone is curious to know the side effects of caffeine on the body. They have been asking; what are caffeine pills? what are the medical uses of caffeine? How does caffeine work in the body? what are the effects of caffeine on the brain? Is caffeine present in bitter kola? How much caffeine is in … Read more

Insomnia: 3 Ways To Get A Good Night’s Sleep


Insomnia is a frequent absence of sleep or habitual sleeplessness generally caused by variables such as; bad practices, anxiety, medication side effects, chronic disease and sometimes unfitness. On the other hand, Sleep is a natural activity for people to rest and allow the body, in a state of altered consciousness, to reduce operations. Insomnia can … Read more