Can I Have Intercourse After Missed Period?

Can I Have Intercourse After Missed Period?

You can have intercourse after a missed period whenever you want, as long as you take effective birth control measures. If you are counting days as a birth control method (i.e. Rhythm method or Calender method) and you still missed your period, you are probably already pregnant, because the rhythm method isn’t a reliable birth … Read more

Frequent Yeast Infections: Causes And Remedy

Frequent yeast infections

Frequent yeast infections are now becoming very common and are caused by different factors. During their lifetime, each female will experience at least one yeast infection. While some females may experience this infection once or several times in their lives, some females are more likely to cope with it. It is not entirely healthy to … Read more

Breast Cancer: Facts, Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

breast cancer

Breast cancer has become a fatal disease that terrorizes many people especially women. Cancer, in general, has become more dreaded than HIV/AIDS. Most cancers are incurable. There are various types of cancer (prostate cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer, blood cancer,┬ábreast cancer, bone cancer etc are to name a few) few of which the scientists have … Read more