Potential Benefits of CBD for People with Diabetes

Potential Benefits of CBD for People with Diabetes 1

Each year 7 million people develop diabetes and its prevalence keeps increasing with the rise inobesity. People develop diabetes when the body either does not produce sufficient insulin ordoes not use insulin efficiently to convert glucose into energy. Diabetes is a chronic health condition that is not just a danger in itself but also a … Read more

Can I Have Intercourse After Missed Period?

Can I Have Intercourse After Missed Period?

You can have intercourse after a missed period whenever you want, as long as you take effective birth control measures. If you are counting days as a birth control method (i.e. Rhythm method or Calender method) and you still missed your period, you are probably already pregnant, because the rhythm method isn’t a reliable birth … Read more

Zobo Drink For Weight Loss: Does It Work?

using zobo drink for weight loss

Using zobo drink for weight loss is another important health benefit of this dark drink. By restricting the food you eat, you can try to control your weight. It’s not just the food you eat that causes weight gain, but if you want to lose weight, you have to watch what you drink. While we … Read more

3 Steps And 17 Tips To Get Flat Abs Fast

Flat Abs

Having a great set of flat abs is what everyone is seeking after now. Every fat man or woman, mother and even young men and women struggle and fantasize about having flat abs. The truth is that those who have smooth abs are seen as more attractive than those with body fat. Our society has … Read more

Breast Cancer: Facts, Symptoms, Causes And Prevention

breast cancer

Breast cancer has become a fatal disease that terrorizes many people especially women. Cancer, in general, has become more dreaded than HIV/AIDS. Most cancers are incurable. There are various types of cancer (prostate cancer, oral cancer, cervical cancer, blood cancer,┬ábreast cancer, bone cancer etc are to name a few) few of which the scientists have … Read more