20 Quality Tips For Long Distance Bus Ride

For business, family or holiday purposes, we embark on long distance bus ride but the journey itself is rarely a pleasure.

People always seek some travel tips while going on a long distance bus ride, here are some tips you might find helpful.

Let’s try to make long distance bus ride easier!

20 Tips To Make Long Distance Bus Ride Easier

  1. Travel with a reputable road transport company that has a good safety record and a functional maintenance unit.
  2. Try to buy your bus ticket online, since it saves you a lot of time at the ticket counter and may in fact save money.
  3. If you are not keen on the internet, you could buy your ticket at the bus terminal two days before departure. And if you are going to travel across the west coast Africa, do take your passport with you, to avoid any form of embarrassment or harassment.

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  1. It is always advisable to buy your ticket early enough so you could get a better seat. Seats are usually assigned and some routes fill quickly.
  2. Always reconfirm the information on your ticket after handing over your money to the teller. Make sure it is the right details before stepping out of the terminal. This way you get involved in any dispute with the teller.
  3. Keep your bus ticket and luggage receipt handy, should you need it when something not too nice happens to your bag.
  4. You may want to keep some loose change with you, especially to tip the porters who often assist in loading or unloading your luggage.
  5. Be mindful of your valuables, whether it is safely stowed in the overhead rack or luggage compartment.
lady on long distance bus ride
  1. If you crave a good deal of silence then avoid buying seats directly in front (or behind) the TV.
  2. Travelling by bus offers you a great way to see the countryside. If you like watching the scenery you had better pick a window seat, as it is the best side of the bus to sit on. But then if you are not interested in scenery, the aisle seat is best for you.
  3. Bring something to read, a book, magazine, or something to listen to, i.e. MP3 players, iPod. For some long-distance trips can sometimes be boring and tedious.
  4. You could bring along some snack and table water. Food served on board is usually not enough.

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  1. Bring some warm clothing, in case the bus is fully air-conditioned.
  2. Carry your own toilet paper, just in case…you never can tell.
  3. Your travel pack should include some tetracycline, Flagyl, or some other metronidazole-based medicine to soothe any unexpected loose bowel. You don’t want to make a mess of yourself while in transit.
  4. Don’t Carry on Too Much Stuff. Carrying too much stuff on a long-haul bus ride could burn you out. Anything that is under the seat in front of you just means less legroom and a more cramped living space for 8 to 16 hours. Don’t bring so much on that you compete for your own space.
  1. Stretch and walk around. Sitting for hours is not only uncomfortable, but it can also result in dangerous blood clots. Try to stand up, walk around, and stretch your muscles as often as you can – while observing the seatbelt-sign rules, of course. If there is not much space, you can always twist your torso, wrap your arms around yourself, stretch your legs, roll your head and ankles, or stand up and bounce on the tips of your toes.
  2. Meet your neighbours. Striking up a conversation with the person next to you doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot – you never know whom you’re sitting next to and a lot of friendships, business deals, and travel plans started on bus trips.

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  1. It has been said that the trick to a positive long-distance trip is to be prepared. If you feel sad or blue, even the prospect of travelling will look dim and worrisome. So be mentally prepared for it helps to keep your mind at ease.
  2. Finally, do not forget your sense of humour – make the most of your trip, for life is an adventure.


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