5 Reasons Why Vape Is Better Than Cigarette

Smoking has always been an unhealthy addiction for many people around the world. Smoking cigarettes is a bad habit that very few manage to get rid of. Ever since E-cigarette was invented, a ray of hope appeared for chain smokers. Using e-cigarettes, many smokers have successfully gotten rid of smoking habits. 

Apart from being a less-harmful substitute to tobacco cigarettes, vaping has many other benefits. Cigarettes can be harmful to the user, as well as people around. Whereas, vaping has no significant disadvantages over public health. In some cases, vaping can be better for health as compared to cigarettes. Cigarettes pose serious health risks like lung cancer and heart problems. Vape is considered to be safe for health in many cases. 

5 Advantages of Vaping Instead of Smoking Cigarettes

Here are a few advantages of vaping instead of smoking cigarettes:

1. Controlled Nicotine Consumption

The biggest advantage of using vaping over cigarettes is that you can control the amount of nicotine you inhale. While cigarettes have an affixed amount of nicotine in them, you can control the percentage in e-juice. Some flavors are nicotine-free as well.

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When a smoker wishes to quit smoking, he can start by using high-nicotine juice and reduce the amount of nicotine with time. Eventually, you can start using nicotine-free e-juice. Therefore, an e-cigarette is a better option to help quit smoking. 

2. Odorless

Cigarette smoke is very unpleasant for people around. When tobacco burns, it releases carbon monoxide which is extremely hazardous to health. Moreover, cigarette smoke lingers around for a long time. People who smoke cigarettes always smell like one. Their cars, homes, clothes, and even hands smell of cigarettes.

The vapors released from the vape are almost odourless. If not, the flavorful smell hardly bothers anyone. The vapors mix in the air so quickly that the place does not smell at all. 

3. Safe In Social Gatherings

Secondhand smoke is as dangerous as the cigarette itself. Some researchers suggest that passive smokers are at greater risk than active smokers. There are around 70,000 harmful chemicals that are released when tobacco burns. Therefore, smoking cigarettes is banned in social gatherings.

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Whereas, vape does not create this social hazard. You can use e-cigarettes safely in social gatherings. You are not putting others at risk, therefore, people often do not mind anyone vaping around them. 

4. Flavorful

Vape juices come in many flavors. There is a flavor to satisfy every taste bud. If you love classic tobacco, you can get tobacco-flavored e-juice. There are fruity options available as well. Some of the most popular flavors are desserts, fruits, mint, tobacco, and beverages. 

The flavorful smoke also feels tempting for people around. Therefore, people are usually not bothered by the vapor’s odor

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5. Vapor Better Than Smoke

Vape is better than cigarettes because vapors are better than smoke. If you smoke in a poorly ventilated place, or if you are a chain smoker, the smoke’s smell will always remain around you. According to scientists, cigarette smoke can last up to 30 minutes in the air. 

On the other hand, a vapor can evaporate in the thin air within minutes. Leaving behind no residue. Therefore, you can vape in places you can not smoke.

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In A Nutshell

Vape is a far better option than tobacco cigarettes. You can easily quit smoking habits by using vaping. The benefits of vaping are far more exceeding than their harms. You can control nicotine consumption in your e-juice, without posing health risks to people around you. Cigarette smoke can be irritating whereas vapors have no significant odor to displease people around. If you want to quit smoking, switching to vaping can be an assuring solution. 

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