Why Do Guys Like Eating Discharge?

Have you encountered a guy who likes eating discharge? or you are just curious to know why some guys like eating vaginal discharge? In this article, I will be sharing some of the most likely reasons why guys like eating pussy fluid or female ejaculate. I will also tell you why some girls like to swallow cum. Without much ado, let’s dive into it…

Top 5 Reasons Why Guys Like Eating Discharge

Here are the reasons why some men like eating discharge:

He Really Likes Her

Many guys like eating their partner’s discharge for a variety of reasons. The most plausible explanation is that he likes her a lot and wants to show it by licking her vagina during sexual intercourse.

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The Health Benefits

Eating vaginal discharge has some health benefits you should know and it enhances sexual pleasure and bond between partners. This could be the reason your guy likes eating discharge.

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He Is Submissive

We can’t also ignore the fact that some men are submissive and therefore prefers their partner to always be in control. So, It’s possible that he only wants to execute a submissive act to show her acknowledgment of her control.

The Taste

Some men claim to prefer the taste of their partner’s discharge, which is totally plausible; some people simply have an unusual sense of taste. This preference for the taste can be directly related to the first possibility, that he genuinely likes her and his feelings for her effectively influence his sense of taste, or that he genuinely enjoys the flavor, consistency, and concept. Let’s be sincere, female discharge is way better than any other natural discharge asides from male ejaculate (sperm/semen).

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He is Extremely Kinky

Perhaps the guy simply enjoys the idea of doing something so extreme and thoroughly sexual; instead of letting his partner reach climax and ejaculate in her undies or on his hands, he brings her to climax with his mouth and possibly his hands and has her ejaculate in his mouth for a more complete sexual experience. Most women really love this action; they say it takes them to “cloud 9” or “heaven” each time their guy licks their vagina till they reach climax and orgasm.

Reasons Why Guys Like Eating Discharge

If your man hasn’t started eating your discharge and you’d like him to, you should ask him. “Babe, can I cum in your mouth next time we make out? I would really love it if you would let me do that”. Cumming in a man’s mouth is immensely pleasant and rewarding. Asking during intercourse makes it more demanding, and unless he’s extremely submissive, that might not be a good idea. If he is extremely submissive, instead of asking just go ahead and cum in his mouth during oral sexual intercourse. Meanwhile, you have to make sure you are healthy, free from infections, faithful, and maintain good personal hygiene both in and out! Here is a guide on how to lick pussy the right way.

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After asking him and he isn’t instantly receptive, there are valid reasons to justify the act. I mean; you can educate him on the health benefits of eating vaginal discharge. For instance, it promotes digestion, health, mental wellness, and intimacy (I kid you not, I have published an article on this before and I have seen multiple sources that say it is good for him). If it’s a matter of taste, there are several dietary changes you can make that will help make your vagina and discharge taste much better!

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

Why Do Girls Like To Swallow Cum?

Some girls like to swallow their man’s cum for obviously the same reasons why men like to eat vaginal discharge. It could be because she really likes him and wants to show it, the health benefits of semen, she is submissive and wants to be controlled, she likes the taste of semen, or she just likes to do something extremely sexual and kinky.

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Alternatively, it could be a logistical issue; perhaps the girl does not want to risk becoming pregnant, so she ensures that her partner ejaculates in her mouth at all times. Most guys prefer to use a condom or any other technique although it’s not a 100% effective way of birth control.


Why do guys like eating discharge? Some guys like eating vaginal discharge for one or many reasons which could be because of the health benefits, he really likes his partner and wants to show her, he is submissive and wants to be controlled, he likes the taste of vaginal discharge, or that he just likes to do something extremely sexual and kinky. However, some men can have other peculiar reasons other than these. On the other hand, many girls also like to swallow cum due to these same reasons in addition to the prevention of pregnancy.

Apart from the reasons given above, it will make more sense if you ask your partner why he likes eating discharge. This will promote communication and sexual satisfaction and encourage a healthy relationship.

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