Eating Vaginal Discharge And Its Health Benefits You Never knew

For many people, eating vaginal discharge (vaginal fluid) is the most disgusting thing in the world. However, health scientists, after carrying out some research over the years have implicated some health benefits of eating vaginal discharge.

Vaginal fluid is a whitish fluid that comes from the vagina mostly for the purposes of lubrication. It is a sign that a woman is turned on and ready to have sex.  Any woman getting oral sex from a man can testify that the feeling is awesome. Oral sex is also loved by most men.

Please bear in mind that caution must be applied. You don’t go about eating every woman’s discharge. It is best if you know this person very well in terms of medical records and personal hygiene. It is better for men who have only one sex partner as it eliminates any chance of infection.

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So, in this article, I’m going to talk about some of the benefits of eating vaginal discharge.

People are always searching for ways to supplement their foods in order to acquire all their health benefits. One of such wonderful natural supplements is Probiotic. Probiotics are the type of ‘good bacteria’ not only found in plants but also found in the human body — specifically in a woman’s vagina. As good bacteria, they are also present in yogurts and some natural drinks. So, Instead of spending money to buy these probiotic yogurts or drinks, why not eat your baby girl out and drink her juices? she will be forever satisfied!

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The Vagina and Its Bacteria

According to the Institute of Pharmabiotic Research, the vaginal ecosystem contains Lactobacillus, a bacteria that regulates the pH of the vagina. Lactobacilli produces lactic acid which helps to keep the pH of the vaginal fluid at a healthy 4.5. Vaginal discharge typically contains different Lactobacilli species such as  Lactobacillus crispatusLactobacillus jenseniiLactobacilus inersLactobacillus gasseri and can also contain Lactobacillus reuteri.

Recently, a Company brewed a beer that contained vaginal bacteria.

a certain woman even used her vaginal fluids to make yogurt and described her culinary endeavor in a 2015 post on

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This vaginal discharge is usually a little alkaline in taste with a slightly sour odor. It is safe to swallow this fluid provided your partner is hygienic. Before eating your partner’s vagina and ingesting her vaginal discharge, it is ideal to help in cleaning her up and getting her ready.

The medical information provided in this article is provided as an information resource only. This information does not create any patient-physician relationship and should not be used as a substitute for professional diagnosis and treatment.

The health benefits of eating vaginal discharge

Apart from the vagina, Lactobacillus is also present in your gut where it acts as probiotics. Probiotics aid digestion, allowing good microorganisms to balance out your gastrointestinal system, according to Medical Daily.

eating vaginal discharge

Eating probiotics can prevent illnesses such as cancer and heart disease, the Cleveland Clinic reported. They can also boost your mood and help alleviate depression, according to Medical Daily.

The female orgasm also benefits your mental and physical health. An orgasm releases the hormones oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphins, which elevate your mood and can even alleviate pain — if you’re having menstrual cramps.

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The Probiotics that are sold over the counter aren’t particularly beneficial because they aren’t the same species as natural bacteria present in the human body. When compared to the complexity of the micro-organisms in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT), probiotics contain just a few bacteria and not even the most common bowel organisms. therefore, it is safe to say that the “good” bacteria so highly contained in probiotics are but a minor constituent of a complex flora.

Dr. Mendes-Soares explained that a gram of vaginal fluid contains 100,000 to 100 million Lactobacillus cells, depending on the woman. In order to reap the health benefits of probiotics, one would have to swallow between “10 and 10,000 grams (10kg) of vaginal fluid”. 

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Caution: Vaginal discharge is most often a normal and regular occurrence. However, there are certain types of discharge that can indicate an infection. This abnormal discharge may be yellow or green, chunky in consistency, or foul-smelling. Yeast or a bacterial infection usually causes abnormal discharge.

eating abnormal discharge
abnormal discharge to look out for when eating vaginal discharge

Whenever you notice any of these signs, do not eat the discharge until the infection has been completely treated. It’s also worth noting that this vaginal discharge can also transmit harmful bacteria and Sexually Transmitted Infections, so it never hurts for both partners to get tested before going down there.

Is Eating Pussy Good For You?

Eating pussy is good for you. The pussy is home to billions of bacteria which are beneficial and referred to as probiotics. These healthy bacteria inside the pussy make up what is known as the vaginal microbiome. It will interest you to know that this vaginal microbiome contains the same probiotic bacteria found in most healthy products like yogurt, kombucha, etc that you consume daily. So, why not eat pussy if the vagina is full of beneficial bacteria? People, who have this knowledge are already eating as many good bacteria as they can!

The issue that comes with obtaining probiotics in the pussy is the risk of contamination. Other bacteria present in the pussy will be ingested as well. This means that Lactobacilli (the good bacteria) will be swallowed alongside harmful bacteria that are also present in the vagina. There’s also the risk of STIs, which you should be aware of. This is why it is paramount you make sure your partner’s personal hygiene is top-notch.

What Happens If You Eat Your Own Discharge?

Many women have admitted to eating their own vaginal discharge and from what I have been able to gather so far, there is no harm in doing so as long as the vagina is clean and free of infections. Some of these women said they have been eating their own discharge for many years now and haven’t had any issues at all.

Only eat your discharge when you are very sure that your vagina is healthy. If you have or suspect any form of vaginal infection or UTI, avoid any movement from your vagina to your mouth until the issue is totally resolved. For instance, yeast infection transferred from your vagina to your mouth can cause oral thrush.

What Does Vagina Fluid Taste Like?

Vagina could be sweet or acidic, metallic or bitter, salty or sharp. They may even have the slightest hint of what you had for dinner.

According to your menstrual cycle, the taste can even differ throughout the month. Blood can influence how it tastes, as can the ovulation-common white discharge.

But as long as you don’t encounter any unusually strong scents such as fishy odors or whiffs of something unpleasant, whatever they may be, the smell and taste are perfect.

Products That Makes The Vagina Taste And Smell Good

There are some highly recommended products that can make you taste good, smell good, and be free from infections. They include:

What Is The Best Way To Eat Pussy?

I’ll teach you how to eat pussy in such a great way that your partner will start speaking in tongues. Your woman can yell, scream and cry for more when you use the methods I’m about to teach you. She may even exhibit dependency symptoms due to your skills in eating vaginal discharge.

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Below is a step-by-step guide to tease her before eating vaginal discharge:

  • Step One: Kiss down to her breasts from her ear. Kiss her body as you descend to her waist and hips. Place a hand on either leg as you get to her panties and spread it slowly. Spots that are particularly sensitive and turn on a female are known as erogenous zones and should receive more attention. Theses erogenous zones include; the ear, neck, lips, hands, lower back, inner thigh, clitoris, vagina, butt and anus (very surprising, right?), breasts, toes, fingers, and so on.
  • Step Two: For now, don’t worry about taking off her panties. Alternatively, through her panties, kiss her vulva/vagina and even pinch it with your lips gently. You can also run your tongue gently from the bottom right up to the clit over her vagina.
  • Step Three: After a few minutes of kissing her through her panties, move slightly lower along her inner thigh with your kissing. You can go down here as far as the inside of her thigh, but the more you step out of her vagina, the less sensitive it becomes. Kiss her down on one leg around her inner thigh, then stand up and switch to the other side afterwards. You could gently squeeze the skin of her inner thigh between your lips or even your teeth if she likes it rougher, just make sure not to be too rough. Otherwise, you risk hurting her badly. You could suck the skin here, too, to give her a hickey that no one will see but her. Spend a little longer kissing her vagina outside her panties while moving to the other leg. Don’t be shocked if at this point she starts to eat her out… if she does, try to keep a slow pace in order to keep building the excitement.

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  • Step Four: Until you take off her panties, pass over her clit to the top of her panties and put on her pubic mounds (the region above her clitoris) some gentle kisses.
  • Step Five: If she hasn’t taken off her panties, put your fingers on either side of them, on the outside of her thighs, and pull them down slowly until they’re all off.
  • Step Six: Then begin to kiss and lick slowly (extremely softly) all around her vagina and clit. You can make a tiny amount of contact with her vagina and clit the edge of your lips as you step around … constantly teasing her.
  • Step Seven: You can now get to the main course … it’s time to eat her pussy!

Now that you have started licking her pussy, let me show you how to do it like a master!

Techniques For Eating Vaginal discharge Like Pro

eating vaginal discharge or eating pu**y

These techniques of eating pussy I’m about to share with you will make your partner testify that you are good!

  1. Blowing Technique: It’s a great form of anticipation, foreplay and teasing to blow on her pussy. The soft, gentle vibration (which is released in an orgasm) can begin to create sexual energy and anticipation. Blowing is very light, it teases and tickles it. This attracts her attention and focuses on her pussy’s subtle sensations. That’s just what you want. You want her in a hypersensitive condition. Each nerve in her vagina starts to tingle with emotions. It sets the stage for the other approaches that will finally send her over the edge and into an orgasm that trembles the body.
  2. Kissing Technique: Kissing her cunt is a perfect way to demonstrate how much you care for her. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t kiss her pussy for too long, but you should balance the kissing with the other approaches.
  3. Licking Technique: You can now continue using your tongue through its sensitive parts in light motions. Having your movements light and unpredictable, to begin with, it is crucial. You’re just trying to tease her. You still want her to wait ahead of time (as she continues to build up her sexual energy.) Keep her wondering about when and how you’ll kiss her next. When her level of sexual arousal continues to rise, now you can start licking her out (and most importantly her clit) softly through her clit is usually the best choice. You are expected to change the strokes. From sluggish, gentle, quick, heavy. Seek her reactions sometimes so that you can see and hear what she likes best.
  4. Sucking Technique: Sucking is the next pleasure stage, and most women love sucking their vagina. Now you can start using your whole mouth to stimulate not just her clit, but the rest of her vagina as well. She will soon be prepared for orgasm as her excitement rises higher and higher, but you should continue to build more and more. Sucking her pussy Increase speed and sucking rate. Consider taunting and pushing two steps forward, one step back. Suck on her female parts for a while, before continuing, step back and stroke, lick and blow.
  5. Humming and Motorboating Technique: Motorboating is the last tool you’re going to use. Maybe it’s the most strong. Rest your lips softly around her cunt, here’s how to do it. Have your lips so they just touch slightly and then blow out to vibrate back and forth with your mouth. This is called motorboating, and her pussy sends down vibrations. Those function as shockwaves that may cause an orgasm to occur. Most women claim that this is one of their favourites. By keeping your lips tighter, or blowing harder, you can adjust the vibration rate, energy, and intensity. But don’t go mad. You’ll want to place your lips over her clit and open to her vagina with the motorboating process, although you can switch it around and see where the best stimulation comes from. Humming is similar to motorboating, but rather than allowing your lips to push your mouth gently against her vagina and hum away. It sends incredibly pleasurable sensations directly through her cunt. Go back and forth between the strategies for the best results. Mix it up and guess it. If you feel like she’s really close to orgasm, though, then stick to the process that got her there and don’t change it too much.

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We are going pro now!

  • Put a Finger in Her Mouth: This is a great little trick that can really drive a wild woman and can be a great way to learn just why your girlfriend or wife enjoys eating her pu**y. Take your thumb or index finger as you continue eating it out and slowly put it into her mouth. Speak to her that you want her to lick and suck her exactly as she likes on her female parts. Copy the movement exactly onto her pussy as she starts to lick and suck on your thumb. She’s going to know what she’s going to like and tell you. Capture her movements while she licks your thumb, sucks, massages, and swirls. This is a nice trick to know how it likes your friend. But don’t use it too much. Women like to take control of the guy and like relaxing as you do the job.
  • Put 1 or 2 Fingers Inside the vagina: One thing is eating her out with your hands, but now you have to add another feeling to the mix. This will involve putting one or two fingers into her so that at the same time as her clit, you can stimulate her g-spot. Stimulating her g-spot and her clit at the same time, as you can imagine, would give her twice as much pleasure and the’ simultaneous orgasm’ that will occur as a result is extremely powerful and painful for her. I’m going to show you exactly how to do this the right way in Squirting Triggers.

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  • Put 1 Or 2 Fingers In Her Bum (Ass Hole): It’s not the only way you can give her even more pleasure to put a finger in her pu**y. You can use your hands to rub her butt–something many women find intensely pleasurable and thrilling–and it can also give them anal orgasms. But, for this you will need to use lubrication–it’s absolutely essential. I always recommend that you use a condom. Inside a condom, put your two fingers and take a large dollop of lube on your hands. Slowly taunt her butt while you continue to eat her out. When she relaxes, she starts to insert her two fingers into her ass slowly (with a condom on and plenty of lube).
  • Use Butt Plug: Some women love this feeling so much, but at some point, you may need to remove your fingers because you only have two hands. You can use a butt plug in this situation to give her a similar feeling by using both of your hands in other respects.
  • Use a Vibrator: Using a vibrator can be a sneaky trick to give her even more satisfaction as her body’s movements travel almost causing her to have an orgasm. Gently press the vibrator into the top of the pussy of your woman, just above the clit. Do this at first very slowly. Tease her. Tease her. She’s going to love it. Women love a man taking control of the bedroom and showing expertise, so don’t worry about using a vibrator on her. It will demonstrate your thoughtfulness and observations, and you know how to sexually impress her. Start chewing her out again with the vibrator pushed against the top of her vagina–follow the instructions before. Bring the vibrator back to her clit while you keep eating it out. The vibration’s double sensation plus the tongue’s action on her clit will make her completely crazy. Do this wrong, and after orgasm, she will have orgasm–she can’t control herself. She’s going to ask you for more. Now, when you place the vibrator on her clit and start with your mouth to massage her labia, take your other hand. Use the lube (and, if necessary, a condom) to start tickling her ass. Push one or two fingers into her ass slowly and gently as you continue to eat it out and with the other hand holding the vibrator in place. This is a woman’s greatest stimulation. Several women find tremendous amounts of gratification intolerable. When you do this, your body will tremble and shake, and finally, it will orgasm.

It can be even more fun to make her squirt as you eat her pu**y. It’s going to be an opportunity she never forgets.

Important Tips To Eating Vaginal Discharge

In order to show her how well you are experienced when it comes to eating vaginal discharge, there are important things you must bear in mind.

man eating vaginal dsicharge
A man eating vaginal discharge of woman

The tips I’m going to share with you here really work, but first, you have to remember that eating vaginal discharge is all about the bond between the two people involved, just like any other aspect of great sex. They include:

  • Know why you want to give Her this pleasure: No lover on this planet is absolutely unselfish if we are purely honest. Out of the enjoyment we manage to give our friends, we all get something. Yet knowing that there is only one basic inspiration that will make you good at oral sex is key.

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  • Make sure she’s in for It: Women love when a man knows the right way to lick up her pussy, just as men love getting a good blowjob. There’s one thing, though: girls may not want to get oral sex on every single occasion (though most men are going to accept the idea almost any time).
  • Pay attention to her whole body: While the way to go for some parts of sex is sometimes fast & quick, a good eating pussy session should always start as a delicate and progressive effort.
  • Build the anticipation: And when you can see that she’s turned on really, start to say you want to go down on her.

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  • Use your tongue for more than licking pussy: Although moans are a great way to let your partner know how turned on you are down to her legs on your ride, you can not rely on them alone to keep communication open at all times. A woman is always appreciating truthful compliments about her body. Sometimes she’ll be in the mood for dirty talk, and sometimes she won’t, but you can always listen to her feedback and think what the right words are to let her know how amazing you’re feeling at every moment.
  • Treat her clitoris with respect: Clits are the most responsive part of a woman’s body, and while they can receive a lot of gratification, they also need to be carefully managed. All you want to do is to improve the sensation from a very gentle caress to a steady stroking rhythm.
  • Find your move, find your rhythm: You don’t have to be confined to the circular motion with which you began. Actually, mixing a bit of sucking and side-to-side movements is a good way to identify what kind of stimulation works best at the moment for what your clit needs. You should never continue to use the same movements or strategies all the time, merely because it succeeded for you with an ex in the past or even your current partner.
  • Listen to her reactions: One way to treat her clit (and indeed her entire body) the right way is to pay a great deal of attention to how she responds at every point down the road.

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  • Don’t forget you have hands too: When you go on and on into higher states of gratification for her, the frequency of your tongue strokes will increase, and it is most likely that you will be so concentrated on that motion that your hands will stay in a fixed position. But for her, you should step up your game and use your hands to build even more waves of joy and feelings.
  • Forget everything you’ve just read and discover your own best way to eat pussy: While all the tips we’ve shared with you in this article will help you share a world-wide rocking and attentive experience with your partner, for you and your partner, you have to find your own way to the ultimate oral sex roadmap. And you need to bear in mind that it’s not going to be a set path, but rather a series of little observations so complicity points that will help you every time build an exciting and brand-new experience.

Foods To Eat To Keep The Vagina Healthy

foods for healthy vagina

You have heard that cranberries and cranberry juice may help prevent UTIs, and you may even have heard a theory that consuming pineapple can change the way your vagina tastes. But these are not the only things that affect your vaginal health tremendously.

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  • Oily Fish: Three ounces of salmon are about three-quarters of your daily vitamin D price, plus a healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids. For general health, both nutrients are essential. These have also been linked with heart health, and any food that is good for your heart is also great for your enthusiasm because better overall circulation also encourages better blood flow below the waist.
  • Water: Hydration is a warm and lubricating way to keep the vaginal area moist. And the easier you get and stay wet, the more excited you’re going to be.
  • Yoghurt: Yogurt probiotics support your safe vaginal microflora, helping prevent infections such as UTIs, bacterial vaginosis, and yeast infections — plus the extra dose of calcium in yoghurt can help improve symptoms of PMS, according to research.
  • Whole Grains, Legumes, and Vegetables: What’s in common with all these foods? They are fibre-rich. Fibre is a pre-biotic, and you won’t be cultivating the good bacteria in your intestine without enough. And the best way to keep your vagina healthy is to keep your colon healthy, as most bacteria come from the colon. Target 25 grams a day, about the amount found in a cup of cooked black beans (15g), a cup of cooked quinoa (5g), and a sweet potato (5g).

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  • Fruits:According to a report by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine, women who eat two or more portions of fruit a day are 11 percent less likely to develop uterine fibroids, noncancerous masses that can cause pelvic pain and irregular bleeding than those who had less than two portions a week. In fact, the fruit contains a healthy dose of protein.
  • Probiotic Pills: If you’re really looking for a boost, with a supplement, you’ll want to go directly to the source. We contain approximately 25 billion live cultures per capsule of science-backed strains of bacteria— far more than you would find in probiotic foods— that help promote vaginal and urinary safety.


Asides from preventing heart diseases and cancer, boosting mental and physical health, promoting digestion, and preventing depression, I strongly believe that there are still some unknown health benefits of ingesting vaginal fluid. And since more research are still ongoing, they will be discovered very soon. Now that you are aware of the health benefits of eating vaginal discharge, I really hope you would give it a try and tell us about your experience and probably give us some suggestions. 

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  1. With all other factors kept constant, having oral sex is health beneficial now that you can get all above benefits just by eating vaginal fluid. Also, oral sex is considered a low-risk way of contracting STDs meaning you do not have to worry about contracting diseases while in the process.

    • Kudos to you folks for encouraging us to return to our evolutionary roots and connect more deeply with simple mutual hygiene practices. We can listen to our instincts … and JUST LICK! Although, I have one caveat: please consider mutual STD testing first. Rather than undermine trust, I feel it will help partners relax and really bond freely. I mainly commented in response to Norah Jones’ comment because studies have shown that HPV (humanpapilovirus) not only causes cervical cancer, but also throat cancer! Please be aware that no sex is risk free (especially since the emotional/spiritual connection is equally strong) and try to see it for what it is: often the most intense experience of reality for many individuals. Try to honor it as such. Blessings to you and yours. Happy Humping! Only Love, Neil:) P.S.: Sorry for the novel!

  2. OMG. This is a wonderful blog post so far. I can’t even leave without relevant comments on this post and the author did a great job on this useful information on this Topic. This is a nice post and I love this post honestly. I will be coming back to check on your new post as well.

  3. great stuff! Wow! i had a feeling my cravings were not in my head! I love pussy! When it looks and smells good I get very exited!

    • Of course. Lactobacillus species ingested adults and babies from the vagina form part of the innate immunity against several infections.

    • Yes. Most women can be sexually satisfied by oral and finger techniques without penetration. In fact, if for some reason you ejaculate before your partner, instead of leaving her unsatisfied, you can pleasure her with oral and finger techniques until she becomes satisfied.

  4. Right.. I think I’ll stick to fruits, veggies, probiotics and exercise for my health. The author forgot to mention the added health benefits of male sperm residue left behind in the vaginal canal from her countless unprotected suitors. Lap that up too you libtard simps!

    • Its like you missed the part where I talked about personal hygiene and warned about eating pussy fluid from partners you don’t trust. Please, do not eat vaginal fluid of an unfaithful or dirty partner. This can increase the chances of contracting diseases.

  5. You are right. Air embolism usually occur if there’s a tear or injury in the vagina or uterus. It also occurs in pregnant women, who may have a tear in their placenta. However, vagina embolism is very rare

  6. Dear Nedufy-team,

    in your article “Eating Vaginal Discharge” (, you recommend at the beginning that
    “It is best if you know this person very well in terms of medical records and personal hygiene. It is better for men who have only one sex partner as it eliminates any chance of infection.”

    I think that this statement is dangerously false. “Knowing someone” and “trusting someone” is never as save as “testing someone”. Of course, nobody makes an STI-Test and waits with the sex until all sides have their outcomes. And even if the outcome of a particular test was negative, all sides could have had sex with third parties between the testing and the outcome, making the test invalid. That is to say, of course we need to rely on trust in order to have any chance for a comfortable and safe sexual relationship.
    But I would recommend at least an HIV Test at the beginning of a monogamous relationship anyway. Because even if 2 people trust each other for the time of the relationship, risks for the time before can be eliminated. Even if both sides are virgins (and trust each other on this), there is a (depending on place of birth) small chance of being infected through birth if the mother was an untreated HIV-patient during the time of pregnancy.

    The second side of the medal is: People can be unfaithful sometimes. And of course there has been HIV-infections in 30-year-long marriages, because one partner brought the virus home from an affaire. Thus, the statement “have only one sex partner as it eliminates any chance of infection” is plain wrong. There is always a chance. You can trust if you want, no problem! But you should have this in mind, and maybe both of you agree to 1-2 HIV-tests a year?

    Of course, as Norah Jones stated, licking vaginas is (when we talk about HIV) safer sex already.

    So thats my point. Monogamy does not equal total safer sex. Please test regularly if you can, even in monogamous relationships, because it gives certainty.

    • Thanks for making your point. However, we believe that testing your partner for HIV is still part of knowing your partner’s medical record. Also, Oral sex is low risk factor for STI. As for a partner becoming unfaithful along the line, it’s up to them… I’m pretty sure you don’t test your partner for HIV every year…


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